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The Rogue Isles Infrastructure is a reference to the loose organization that serves as the real power in the Rogue Isles in the City of Heroes MMO.

Dubbed as the "powers that be" or even the "Rogue Illuminati", this organization operates behind-the-scenes to keep the various stores going, the banks open, and the monetary systems running. It is through this organization that civilian businesses, including the banks, continue to operate regardless of who is in control.

The "Infrastructure" was created in response to the kleptocracy set up by the various privateer groups that sought safe haven from the American Colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries. When it became clear that local government in the Isles was being co-opted by pirates and other mercenary groups, the business leaders decided that they would form their own group to protect their own interests. This included the creation of their own army, which eventually became both the Rogue Island Police and the private group known as the Gold Brickers. This was important because the governing leaders would often rely on the fleeting support of pirates and mercenary groups to serve as local defense.

When Lord Recluse and the Arachnos Organization began to infiltrate themselves into the Isles, they became aware of the "Infrastructure" as a separate faction. They realized that as long as this infrastructure is left intact, they would not oppose any changes to the status quo. Some believe that if there was a closer connection between the business and political factions that it would have served as a deterrent to the eventual takeover of the Isles by Recluse.

The most visible aspect of the "Infrastructure" is the Black Market. Seemingly operating only out of trucks, the Market actually is a market network similar to Wentworth's Consignment Houses in Paragon City. This market operates primarily through cyberspace, linking with all of the "truck" locations, and most recently with Wentworth's.

Another visible aspect of the "Infrastructure" is the media. Although Arachnos "controls" the message, they also know the significance of keeping the mediums intact, which includes WSPDR Television and Radio. This ensures that the "message" could not later be used against them.

On occasion, the "Infrastructure" works with Arachnos, such as when Dr. Aeon's Aeon Corp created the Power Transfer System in Cap au Diable. Unfortunately the system also works against Arachnos, often with debilitating results, as is seen in the continual decay of Mercy Island.

The important part of the "Infrastructure" is that it must be kept a secret. As long as the full scope of the organization is concealed and knowledge of all of the key partners remain hidden, they can ensure that the key parts of life in the Rogue Isles continue.

Related Information

John Cole explained the infrastructure in "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" #17 before exploiting it to help out the Guardians of the Dawn.