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The Rogue Island Police is a for-hire police force that operate primarily in the Rogue Isles in the City of Heroes MMO.

The Rogue Island Police, or "RIP", are an essential part of the Rogue Isles Infrastructure, the underground network of institutions that keep the Isles going despite of who is in charge.


The current incarnation of the Rogue Island Police were created by Kyle “Cal” Calhoun, a former high-ranking police officer from Rhode Island with a history of sadistic brutality. It is said that the group's name of "Rogue Island Police" instead of being called "Rogue Isles Police" actually came from a newspaper headline about his policing policies that Calhoun took as his own badge of honor.

The RIP are staffed with the worst of the worst from around the world, but primarily from the United States. Disgraced officers, sadistic officers, corrupt officers, they all have a standing offer to come to the Isles and be everything they want to be without interference or media scrutiny.

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The "RIP" were first seen in "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" #8.