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Cap au Diable (or "CaD" as it is sometimes referred to by natives) is an island in the Rogue Isles. It is one of the largest and busiest of the Islands, connected to Port Oaks but separated by the huge volcano that serves as the source for the power that fuels the area.

The area is a merger of traditional Isles infrastructure and New Age Arachnos architecture.

At the heart of the Isle is Aeon City, where Aeon Corp comes up with the technology that Arachnos uses to maintain power over the area and fuel their ambitions of conquest. This is where the first of many Architect Entertainment buildings were erected in the Rogue Isles, mirroring their sudden rise in Paragon City. Corporations struggle to come here, where all taxes and tariffs imposed from other countries are compensated by the wealth that Dr. Aeon has amassed.

Surrounding Aeon City is the traditional city structure, including the only remaining college and private airport. WSPDR is located here. Several traditional factories and processing plants are located near the south-west part of the Isle, including the infamous NutriPaste processing facility. Surrounding those places are caches of hidden beauty that the Luddites struggle to maintain at all costs.

Related Information

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The headquarters to Aeon Corp is located here. It is also home to the corporate headquarters for LexieTech Incorporated after Lexie Lothora resumed majority control of the company.

Until his disappearance in 2011 and eventual move to Paragon City, John Cole considered Cap au Diable his home.