Red Sinner

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Red Sinner
dark vigilante
Creator: David 2/BattlerockX
First Appearance: "Future's Guardian" #16
Game: Champions Online MMO
Personal Data
Real Name: Aubrey Darnell
Known Aliases: Cassandra "Cassie" Dare
Species: Human
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: blond (formerly brunette)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: insurance investigator/vigilante
Place of Birth: Providence, RI
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Mi
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: unnamed family (deceased)
Future's Guardian, Battlerock Comics Presents
Known Powers
blades and firearms
Known Abilities
long knives, firearms, grapple gun, Mammoth tank
Badge ChampionsHero.png This character is a hero in the world of Champions Online.


Red Sinner is a character in the world of Champions Online MMO.

She was the protigee of Ravenclaw, a little-known fugitive hunter operating in Millennium City, but following his death, she went down the path of being a vigilante.

Her first appearance was in "Future's Guardian" #16, however, her origin story was told in "Battlerock Comics Presents" #2

Character History

Aubrey Darnell

Aubrey Darnell was born in Providence, Rhode Island. While not born into wealth, her family had enough financial and social status to not go without. Her childhood was that of precocious curiosity and daring to excel. As she got older, that curiosity and drive allowed her to challenge expectations and succeed in anything she put her mind to.

It was here that her parents began putting her onto a "track" that would lead her to college, and then a good job. It would also lead her to "the right guy", in other words one that her parents would accept and "allow her" to marry.

But her curiosity and drive could not be satisfied with what her parents and the rest of the "better" part of society "expected" of her. She loved the stability of her boyfriend-turned-fiancée, but he was also boring and rigid. She still craved a little adventure and risk.

This led to her "nights out". Those in frequent times when she would sneak away to the "bad" side of town and hang out with the "bad" kind of guys and even have a little "naughty" fun in a hotel room afterward.

That was when she met Jack Blasdel, a supposed "entrepreneur" who had a decidedly "dark" side to him. The two of them had some "fun" for a while, but he wanted more from her. Money, more "fun", and more from her life than she could give. He blackmailed her at first, but then she came clean to her family and fiancée, and suddenly Jack went away.

She did not know, until it was too late, that Jack Blasdel was really Jack the Blade; a psychopathic criminal with a long record of broken hearts and dead bodies. He only "went away" because he was serving a 30-day jail term under an assumed name in a nearby county. But when he did return, it was in the middle of Aubrey's wedding. And he didn't go there alone.

For what seemed like an eternity, Jack and his squad killed the guests, the priest, both families, and then the fiancée, while a sobbing and screaming Aubrey was forced to watch. Then Jack turned his special blades on Aubrey, giving her a cut a most intimate way and leave her to bleed from that wound.

Death and Rebirth

Unbeknownst to anyone, the fugitive hunter Ravenclaw was in pursuit of Jack, only he arrived at the church too late. Jack had left, but he found Aubrey on the floor, barely alive.

Ravenclaw took Aubrey to a private hospital under an assumed name. He then arranged to have Aubrey declared dead along with the rest of the church attendees.

The woman who was known as "Jane Doe" slowly recovered, but broken and demoralized. She was eventually taken to a "private recovery" site, which was actually a monastery in the Northern Wilderness, where she was given a new name and look and the means to retrain her body and mind to give herself new purpose.

Cassie Dare

Three years later, "Jane Doe" began calling herself Cassandra "Cassie" Dare. She was retrieved by a man named Samuel de Raven and brought to Millennium City. There she met the man who saved her: Phillip de Raven, aka Ravenclaw. Phillip explained to her why he was there in Rhode Island, why he was going after Jack the Blade, and why he rescued her. Seeing a lot of his younger self in her, Phillip gave Cassie the opportunity to become something that people like Jack will fear for the rest of their lives.

For months on in, Cassie trained heavily in The Powerhouse facility in Millennium City, adding to what the monks had already trained her. She also worked with Samuel on how to be a case investigator for Millennium Insurance. The dual training was hard and often left her hurting and exhausted, but she once again felt the drive to excel.

Then, during an intelligence-gathering mission, Cassie heard the voice of Jack in the nearby docks. As she pursued her adversary, Phillip had a seizure and collapsed. Samuel pulled her away from the confrontation with the news. Sadly, Phillip would not recover.

Red Sinner Begins

Phillip de Raven died that night. Days later, after the funeral, it was revealed that he had amended his will to give Cassie ownership of the top floors of the Raven Building as well as the underground cavern where Ravenclaw operated from. The only caveat is that she continue down the path he set for her.

With Samuel pledging his assistance, Cassie decided that she would continue the path, but not as a fugitive hunter. With a few more months of additional training, Cassie would return to the docks as Red Sinner, this time looking to confront and bring down Jack the Blade.

A Year Later in Millennium City

A year into her career, Red Sinner was approached by Major Cross of the UNTIL group Project Mycroft, asking for assistance in investigating Pedro Duarte. Red Sinner agreed to help the major, but said she's not a "team player". Cross said that he made the same offer to Ravenclaw and that he would honor her decision just the same.

Powers and Abilities

Red Sinner has a mixed skill in blades and firearms.

She carries long knives for close-quarter combat. These are special knives coated red with human blood to represent what she has lost. She is skilled enough to leave cuts that can debilitate but not kill.

For ranged enemies, she uses two custom Ruby Quartz handguns that uses no powder and leaves no barrel markings. She can fire these in any environment, including underwater. It also has a variety of ammunition both lethal and non-lethal, which she can switch to at any time.

Her outfit is padded to protect against both firearms and bladed weapons. Her mask underneath her retractable hood has enhanced goggles as well as giving her communication access. Her cowl contains a voice-changer. Her outer hood and cape are ultralight Kevlar which can handle most conventional damage. Added protection is in her mask.

For transportation, she can either use a grapple gun which she inherited from Ravenclaw, or she can use the Mammoth; her custom red hovertank. The Mammoth can be remote-operated and uses a PA system with the same voice-changer so it can appear that she is piloting it.

Her base of operations is the "Raven's Nest"; a cave underneath the Raven Building in City Center. In addition to the stairway access, there are two elevators, and a cavern that leads to a flood drain next to the ARGENT building for the Mammoth. The flood drain entrance is far enough for people to not connect between the Mammoth coming and going and the Raven Building.


Red Sinner is dark and methodical. She is obsessed with a person named "Jack", who played a very important part of her life before she became Red Sinner.

Cassie Dare is eager to please her boss. When she is in "work mode" as a case investigator, she can be professional, but when she isn't, she can be playful. The playfulness, though, hides the trauma she endured.

Related Information

According to creator David 2, Red Sinner's outfit was based on an alternate outfit considered for her counterpart in another MMO.

Her counterpart in the world of City of Heroes MMO is Cardinal Syn.