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ARGENT is the name of a criminal organization within the world of Champions Online MMO.

It is short for "Advanced Research Group ENTerprises".

Officially, ARGENT is a major corporate provider of energy and technology for the world. The fuel in your car comes from ARGENT stations brought from ARGENT refineries transported from ARGENT ships. Most of the electronics in the car that you drive comes from ARGENT. Your car may even be made by ARGENT, regardless of the brand on the vehicle.

To say that ARGENT has a stranglehold on American business is like saying that the sun is just "a little hot".

So when that huge corporation with its foot on the nation's neck decides that the rules don't apply to them anymore, you can't just treat them like you would, say, VIPER. The people you want to hold accountable have lawyers that get paid good money to keep them free from accountability. They have public relations agents that spin even the worst of things into blessings. They have access to lawmakers and regulators that will do everything to protect them. They even have their own private army to carry out their will... if they so choose, that is.

In short, you have an organization that is not only too big to fail, but also too big for justice.

Hypothetically-speaking, of course. To suggest otherwise could lead you in a world of legal trouble.

ARGENT has a corporate office in Millennium City and was one of the companies that helped with the rebuilding the ruins of Detroit. No big surprise, since ARGENT helped to make Detroit the automobile center of the world before it's destruction. Today, though, their best work is in creating the various vehicles for tomorrow.

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