Pedro Duarte

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Pedro Duarte
Famed reporter
Creator: David 2
First Appearance: "Future's Guardian" #16
Game: Champions Online
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Future's Guardian
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Badge ChampionsHero.png This character is a neutral or "other" character in the world of Champions Online.

Pedro Durate is a world-renowned reporter in the world of Champions Online MMO.

Character History

Early Years

In 1978, the wire services began receiving reports of an armed takeover of the small South American country of San Ruiz by a VIPER-sponsored general. The articles were submitted under the name “Pedro Duarte”.

Within weeks of the first story, United Nations investigators verified the atrocities committed in the nation, including the takeover of American-owned businesses. Response from the UN was swift. The general was deposed and brought to the Hague for crimes against humanity.

A few weeks later, another series of articles came out by Pedro Duarte, this time a Mexican city taken over by drug lords. Again, American-own businesses were involved. UN forces were swift and the drug lords were brought to justice. Pedro would be nominated for both a Pulitzer and a Nobel prize.

In 1979, Pedro Duarte began issuing reports to the wire services of an American politician who was involved in an affair with an ARGENT lobbyist and how sex was traded for regulatory oversight. The FBI began investigating the reports as well as the origins of this mysterious reporter. Their investigation would go nowhere for years.

In the years that would follow, Pedro Duarte’s reports would uncover various injustices around the world. Corruption, drug and weapons, human trafficking, acts of terrorism. Some would be major international events. Others would be minor. Some would not pan out at all.

In 1997, Pedro Duarte finally showed his face to reveal his latest “exclusive”, this time about an alleged affair between a U.S. Senator and a member of the Champions. Although the affair turned out to be true, many details that Pedro alleged could not be verified. The scandal was enough for the Senator to step down and be replaced by a longtime rival.

In the years that followed, Pedro Durate would refrain from going to the wire services and instead posted his stories directly to a private server called "The Real Truth". It is a server with limited access to those in the know, but the articles posted would often lead to great scandals uncovered.

The Real "Real Truth"

Little did anyone know that the man seen on camera in 1997 as “Pedro Duarte” was, in fact, an actor. An actor who was fed details of stories in advance so he could give a physical face to the biggest lie in journalism.

"Pedro Duarte" does not exist.

Every article written under the name of “Pedro Duarte” was written by someone else. Sometimes they were a little-known reporter in some town. Sometimes they were people “in the know” who needed to hide. Sometimes they were publicists with an agenda. But, no matter what, Pedro’s stories would be accepted without question.

Pedro’s appearances would be limited. Plastic surgery was necessary to make every actor hired to look as identical as possible. TV stations were warned in advance to never try to get close-ups of his face and that he may appear to be quirky in his manners.

Major publishers and producers knew the risks of running a “Pedro” story. If the story was right, it would be money in the bank. If the story was wrong, though, they risked their credibility and those of anyone else involved. “Pedro” could easily be replaced and tell the world he was “impersonated”.


The truth about Pedro Duarte was revealed in "Future's Guardian" #17. At the time, "Pedro" was being used to smear the name of "legacy hero" John Battle. The smear went so far as to question Battle's tribal history, which was blatant slander and libel.

Incoming WCOC General Manager Jonah Whayle was forced to make a rare on-air apology and to set the record straight about the story. The most recent actor to portray Pedro was later found killed.

Ownership of the "Real Truth" website and private server was later surrendered as part of a slander settlement and now belong to a foundation run by the relatives of John Battle.

Powers and Abilities

As Pedro did not actually exist, he has no powers other than anonymity and financial backing.


The illusion of Pedro has been one of arrogance and self-righteousness. He avoids confrontation, though, by claiming persecution when someone could potentially challenge the articles.

Related Information

As "Pedro" is not really a person, it is believed the character can return through another "actor".