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Force Station Steelhead located in the Canadian Wilderness in the world of Champions Online

The "Canadian Wilderness" is in reference to the area in Canada north of the Arctic Circle in the world of Champions Online.

The area is under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Royal Mounted Police and the United Nations Tribunal on International Law. It is watched over by the Canadian superhero Justiciar, leader of the Canadian supergroup StarForce.

Key Areas

Force Station Steelhead

Force Station Steelhead is the local headquarters of the RCMP and UNTIL. Although the facility itself is sealed to all but essential personel, the outside grounds serve as the gathering point for heroes, as well as the location for various services including the Powerhouse training facility.

This is also the transit area for the jet that takes you to and from other locations.

Stroessen's Peak

It's hard to avoid seeing the giant teliscope atop Stroessen's Peak and wonder who would build it... and why. But fair warning to those cuirous enough to try to find out: the mind behind it has some very powerful means.

ARGENT Snow Thrush Sanctuary

Amidst the beauty of the wilderness is an ugly sore thumb owned by ARGENT that calls itself a "bird sanctuary".

Renegade Run Paintball Camp

They call themselves "weekend warriors" simply out for a friendly game of paintball. But the color they use seems to be red, and it doesn't look like paint. They also spend a lot of time staking out Force Station Steelhead.

Related Information

(Please see the Champions Online Wiki entry for more information.)

The area was first seen in "The Lost Adventures of Galatea Future" #4, and seen again in "Future's Guardian" #1.

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