Mister Gold

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Mister Gold
The "thinking" half of the Godkiller
Creator: David 2/Battlerock X
First Appearance: The Libra Order #2
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: nobody you really want to know
Known Aliases: "lackey", "doofus", "idiot"
Species: human (much to our embarrassment)
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: blond (dyed)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rogue
Occupation: loser
Place of Birth: Cap au Diable, Rogue Isles
Base of Operations: Cap au Diable, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: none that would admit to being related to him
The Guardian Powers
Known Powers
Known Abilities

"Mister Gold" is a paid operative of The Libra Order assigned to maintain and operate the bio-weapon known as GodKiller.

Character History

Early Years

Very little is said about "Mister Gold", partially because most people don't want to hear his story.

"Gold" initially believed himself to be an up-and-coming major player in the Rogue Isles. Even as a child growing up in Cap au Diable, he was convinced that he was going to be somebody. And he had no qualms telling everyone he knew that he was destined to be "the best" in whatever he put his mind to.

Unfortunately he grew up in Cap au Diable... where dreams are shattered hard just for amusement. And in "Gold's" case, the best way to do that was to ignore him.

The Family wanted nothing to do with him. The Luddites considered him too "radical". The Vahzilok thought his flesh would be too "gamy" for them. The Circle of Thorns refused to acknowledge him. Even Arachnos said "no", and Arachnos rarely refuse a recruit, especially willing recruits.

But "Gold" was undeterred. He would continue to read bootleg self-help books and listen to pirated self-help recordings that would convince him to be all the he could ever be.

Finally he found a group where he could be "somebody"... the Gold Brickers! And he was determined to prove to King Midas that he would be the next "big thing".

His "best" ended up being a lackey to the group. He wasn't trusted with a weapon, or a flight pack, or even with a full uniform. He was simply referred to as "Lackey", and his job was to clean up after the agents. He would refuel the rocket packs, shine up the Boomer armor, get their coffee, and do their laundry.

It was insulting work, but "Gold" refused to admit defeat. He continued to spout platitudes from his favorite self-help guru about he was a "winner" and that he would "realize his destiny", even as he cleaned their toilets and shined their boots.

Libra Order

Just when "Gold's" self-help rhetoric was about to get him killed by the Gold Brickers, he was recruited by the mysterious force known as Libra. Libra told "Gold" that the two things that stood out for him was his dedication and determination to make something of himself. Libra told "Gold" that his fellow Goldbrickers were going to have him killed in a matter of days, but that under Libra's guidance, he could really be "somebody big".

"Gold" wasted no time switching sides.

First Assignment

"Gold's" first assignment was to travel to Mercy Island and steal a special object from Fort Darwin. He did not realize that the mission was really a test.

The object that "Gold" was sent to steal was the headpiece of a special cybernetic weapon dubbed "Phase Two". Inside the headpiece was the carefully-sustained partical brain of a telepath. Upon reaching the device, he was instructed to open the protective case and then close it. When he did so, he felt waves upon waves of fear and doubt within himself, trying to force him to run away. But he was determined to finish the assignment, so he forced himself to close the case and bring the device to Libra's agent.

"Gold" was then told that the purpose of the mission was to see if he would be capable of serving as the "controller" for the full device when assembled. He was then sent to Striga Isle, just outside of United States territory east of Paragon City, where he was given complete autonomy to complete the assembly of "Phase Two" into the device known as "GodKiller" and make whatever modifications he wanted.

Once completed, he was instructed to wait with the device for the next assignment. Flush with new money, he quickly invested a sizable amount into more self-help books and audio recordings.

Second Assignment

His second mission came a few months after the destruction of Galaxy City.

"Gold" and his new "partner" were sent to Paragon City to eliminate the popular superheroine Galatea Powers on behalf of Ms. Maple of the Rocinante Group. Very little details were provided, other than it had to be swift, brutal, and merciless.

Unfortunately, by this time, "Gold" had completed a new self-help success series from his new "guru", Dr. Charles S. Heen, and he was eager to try out his newfound "advice" on "Winning". He approached Ms. Maple, in direct violation of the rules of the Order, and offered his services to her for future assignments. She was not impressed by his boldness, though.

After using "GodKiller" to lure out and thoroughly defeat and devastate Galatea Powers in Croatoa, he retreated to his posh hotel to celebrate. This caught the ire of Tainted Eve, the leader of the Libra Order, and had to risk a trip herself to Atlas Park to put "Gold" in his place and get him to complete his assignment.

But in failing to confirm that Galatea Powers was in fact "dead", he was surprised to find that she was recovered through the medical teleport system in her Hero ID. Powers then goaded him into a rematch, this time in Skyway City.

He did not realize that this was a trap, as GodKiller was overwhelmed by Powers and by Longbow agent Romulus, and the remote signal was traced back to his real location, where he was defeated by Captain Paragonna and Lyon Powers.

He is currently in federal custody awaiting trial.

Related Information

"Mister Gold" first appeared in Issue #2 of "The Guardian Powers".

His counterpart in the world of Champions Online MMO is Markman Gold.