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Striga Isle (sometimes called "Striga Island") is an island in the City of Heroes MMO.

It is located somewhere between Paragon City and the Rogue Isles in international waters.

Location History

Like the Rogue Isles, Striga Isle has a history of helping out criminals.

When the worst of the worst were kicked out of the Rogue Isles, they needed a place to hide. They couldn't go back to the mainland, so they went to some of the smaller islands to live and cobble a modest living.

Or at least that's how the legend went.

Then World War II happened.

After the Germans failed to take over Paragon City in 1941, the retreating Nazi soldiers needed a place to recoup. They couldn't go back to Germany in defeat, and the Rogue Isles were off-limits as neutral territory. They became known as the 5th Column, and they used Striga as their new home and base of operations.

Eventually they were taken over by a splinter group known as the Council, and the island was turned over to them.

The Council decided to better conceal their operations by letting other organizations call the Isle their home as well. They allowed members of The Family to handle the shipping docks and warehouse facilities. Eventually Sky Raiders and Banished Pantheon and the Warriors found their way over as well.

And somewhere in that whole mess, ordinary people ended up there as well. Relatives and descendants and associates of criminals whose only crimes were that of association. These were the few people that made the western side of the island habitable.

Today, Striga Isle serves as a way-station for ships with questionable cargo. Family ships from Europe can drop off questionable cargo in the warehouses so smaller vessels in the United States can pick them up.

Legal Status

Striga Isle is located in international waters and is not recognized by any nation. It has no centralized government.

Access is provided through independent contractors in Paragon City.

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