Lexie Lothora

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Lexie Lothora
CEO of LexieTech
Creator: David 2/BattlerockX
First Appearance: Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION #2
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: Alexandra Lothora
Known Aliases: Lexie, Lexie-Belle, Double-Elle
Species: human
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: red (wig)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: former fashion model, CEO LexieTech, Inc.
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Leeland Lothora (deceased father), unnamed mother (deceased), Alexander "Alexi" Lothora (fraternal twin, deceased)
Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION, Furia and the Guardians
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Power armor, corporate drones

Alexandra "Lexie" Lothora is a character in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO.

She is the founding member and CEO of LexieTech, a global corporation with its corporate headquarters in the Rogue Isles.

Character History

Early Years

Lexie Lothora is the daughter of the former shipping magnate Leeland Lothora. Leeland build his shipping empire the hard way, working with the worst of the worst to ensure that the ships continued to move through Paragon City's ports. Working with both the leaders of The Family and with respective businessmen like Andrew Wentworth, Leeland quickly rose in power and prominence.

But even though he had to make questionable deals, he always made sure that his family was well-cared for. His fraternal twin children, Alexander and Alexandra, were given the best of everything, including having their futures set up through companies created in their names.

Unfortunately his deals came back to haunt him. In their ongoing attempts to shut down The Family, federal agents started targeting Leeland to see if he could betray his business partners. He refused to help them, so the feds began shutting down his operations and had him charged with racketeering. While in jail, a rumor got out that Leeland had struck a deal with prosecutors to be their star witness. It was only a rumor, but it was enough to have him killed in his cell. Not long after that, his wife was killed in a mysterious car accident.

The federal investigators never could find any concrete evidence linking Leeland Lothora to the Family, but they had enough to seize almost all of Leeland's businesses. The only business they could not take was LexieTech, a small electronics company that was in Alexandra's name only.

The twins were raised under the guardianship of Lawrence X. Technis, a close family friend and attorney. Technis took control of LexieTech and helped to sustain it until the twins were legal adults and could inherit the company.

Celebrity Titans

When the twins became legal adults, they were given a stable company that provided more than enough to pay for their college educations. Alexander, otherwise known as "Alexi", decided to take charge of the daily operations of LexieTech while still going through his studies. Alexandra, now calling herself "Lexie", used her time between classes to work as a model, posing for swimsuit and lingerie companies. She also made her way though the social circles, getting to know movers and shakers in the entertainment and sports fields. This allowed her to spread the word of LexieTech's new personal media devices, making them "hip" and "trendy".

The "Double-Xs", as they were known as in the social pages, quickly turned LexieTech into a tech giant in the last years of the 1990's. By 2000, they would rival CyCorp and Crey Industries in terms of money and influence. They were also the most eligible young singles in the city. Alexi had no problem dating models and debutantes, and Lexie had a long list of suitors from almost every social field eager to marry her.

Downfall and Breakdown

It all came to an end along with the millennium.

By 2000, rumors began to circulate of advanced illegal weapons being shipped to third world nations and nations under an arms embargo, including the Rogue Isles.

Colonel John Battlerock, a former super-soldier and head of the city's Supergroup Oversight Committee (a precursor to the United Nations organization Vanguard), began investigating the illegal weapons and found they were being manufactured in the same buildings as LexieTech equipment. Eventually Battlerock was able to link the weapons directly to Alexi, who had become rather unstable thanks to his newfound addiction to Superadine. A quick confrontation ensured, and, on the rooftop of the LexieTech building, Alexi's escape vehicle exploded, killing him instantly.

Lexie immediately "sensed" her brother's death and became emotionally unhinged. Even though she was cleared of any involvement in her brother's business dealings, she was still determined to use everything she had in her power to destroy Colonel Battlerock and all of the other heroes involved with the incident. She dedicated the business full-on into developing and utilizing any and all kinds of weapons to take down super-powered beings.

But her mad quest for revenge was short-lived. She was quickly institutionalized after doctors reported she suffered a nervous breakdown.

Control of LexieTech was placed back in the hands of Lawrence Technis, who was then pressured to turn it over to a receivership committee.


(Currently being investigated.)

New Future

Not long after regaining control of her company, Lexie was contacted by Lord Lee Geddy of the Rocinante Group. Lord Geddy saw tremendous potential in Lexie, and decided to offer her a chance to access a much more influential group.

She weighed the possibilities with her best friend and security consultant, and then agreed to Geddy's offer.

Just a few months later, she made her first bold "venture" into Paragon City through a two-pronged attack using robots and the super-powered being Destitution. While the city and its heroes were occupied with the very-public assault, Lexie's operative completed her real mission, which was to warn Malcolm Rochspare that "they" were watching him.

Her activities are ongoing.

Powers and Abilities

Lexie's primary ability is summoning mercenaries. As a corporate CEO, she has access to a team of highly-trained mercenaries that can do her bidding without question and can be summoned to her area at a moment's notice.

Her secondary ability is in using traps. She doesn't just oversee the "alleged" creation and distribution of illegal weapons, she has also been known to use them from time-to-time.

It has been rumored that she uses advanced power armor when she operates "in the field". This includes advanced weapons, a rocket board, and site-to-site teleportation devices. But these are just "rumors". No CEO in their right mind would ever be "in the field".


(Currently classified)

Related Information

Lexie first appeared in "Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION" #2.