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Spartan Warlady is a character in the City of Heroes MMO.

She is a longtime friend of Lexie Lothora and serves as a security consultant for LexieTech.

Character History

Antonio Goro was a proud man. He served as the head of security for the shipping docks owned by Leeland Lothora. As such, he knew everything that transpired on those docks. But more than that, the two were longtime friends. Their families would meet regularly, and they both watched their respective daughters acted more like sister when they were together.

Goro loved his only daughter, Helena, as much as he loved his wife. He would do anything for them.

Which is why the U.S. government thought Antonio would be the perfect way to get to Leeland and his connection to The Family.

Unfortunately, they weren't the only ones who knew this. Before the feds could approach Antionio, The Family sent an assassination team to kill the Goro family. Little Helena was forced to hide and pretend to be dead as she watched the team kill her mother and father.

Helena was raised in secret by distant relatives, with The Family firmly believing that she was dead.

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Lady of War

Years later, Helena moved to the Rogue Isles. She had been hardened by years of training and managed to secure a team of elite stealth killers that would protect her and also do whatever she told them to do.

She arrived in the Isles because she knew that the assassination team that killed her parents were still alive and they had been elevated in The Family. She was there to kill each and every one of them.

But she was also there to help a "sister" in need. Lexie Lothora had been "institutionalized" for a period of time. Her release left her with minority control over her own company, LexieTech. Helena felt obligated to help Lexie get back control of the company, knowing that her best friend would also return the favor and help her complete her own mission.

Powers and Abilities

Her primary ability is through her mercenaries. She can rely on an army of stealth warriors that can move in quickly and disappear just as fast.

Her secondary ability is archery. She is formidable with a bow and arrow.

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