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Harmon Industries is the family business founded and run by members of the Harmon family in the world of Champions Online MMO.

The business is currently under the direction of CEO James Harmon IV.

Harmon Industries initially started as a Cold War manufacturer, providing the Department of Defense with advanced weapons. Founder James Harmon III was a Medal of Honor recipient in World War II and was able to use his contacts in the military to secure the best deals after the war.

Eventually HI branched out to include devices to assist registered heroes working for the United States.

Following the Qularr Invasion of the 1960's, Harmon Industries was given the first crack at researching Qularr technology and reverse-engineering it for human use. The result was a wave of new devices that put Harmon Industries on the map for cutting-edge technology.

By the time that James IV took over, Harmon Industries was already on the cusp of new technological discoveries. After assuming the CEO position, though, they were prepared to go to the next level: bridging dimensions.

Today, Harmon Industries is on the forefront on research and development into inter-dimensional transportation as well as providing next-generation personal devices for registered heroes and members of the various law enforcement agencies.

It is speculated, but cannot be confirmed, that Harmon Industries provides some if not all of the technical devices currently used by Defender, the leader of The Champions.