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The Fire Ninja
Creator: David 2/BattlerockX, Theresa Setting, and Krystalyn Setting
First Appearance: Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: Krystalyn Romanna
Known Aliases: Krys
Species: Human (mutant)
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: '
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: student
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: '
Known Relatives: Lou Romanna (father), Tess Romanna (mother), KayBee Romanna (sister), Jimmy Hellfighter (grandfather, deceased)
Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight, Guardians of the Dawn AFTERMATH, The Guardian Powers
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Badge GotD-Ex.png This character is a former member of the Guardians of the Dawn.

Pyrogurl is a registered superhero in Paragon City in the City of Heroes MMO.

Character History

Krystalyn Romanna is the daughter of Lou and Tessa Romanna, longtime employees of the commercial superhero organization known as Hero Corps. When it was revealed that Krystalyn was born a mutant, she was put on a fast-track training program in hopes she would quickly master her abilities. She became a member of Statesman Scouts and was the youngest person to reach the level of Sentinel, the highest rank in the organization.

When her parents were temporarily assigned to the Hero Corps branch in Boston, Krystalyn was allowed to stay with her grandmother just outside of Paragon City. Being so close to the legendary "City of Heroes" continually fueled Krystalyn's dreams of one day being a superhero and following in the path of her personal icons such as Galatea Powers and specifically Ms. Liberty, whose own childhood exploits led Krystalyn to believe that she could also kick-start her career. To that end, she asked her parents to sponsor her in Hero Corps Reserve training, which they reluctantly agreed to in order to keep her just busy enough to not consider going to Paragon City.

Her grandmother, on the other hand, hated everything about superheroes. She felt that Krystalyn should have a normal childhood, even though the pre-teen's developing mutant abilities made that impossible. She signed Krystalyn into a day camp program, that, unbeknown to Lou and Tessa, was really designed to dissuade mutants from using their abilities. Once Krystalyn realized the anti-mutant indoctrination being spread, she realized she couldn't be there.

Thus she hatched a plan that would allow her to get some on-the-job experience as a superhero and avoid the day camp. She would change busses at the bus station, and would arrive at Paragon City. Using an automated registration kisok and some tricks she picked up from Hero Corps Reserves, she managed to get a full Hero ID card under the codename Pyrogurl.

Unfortunately, her first meeting with Ms. Liberty proved to be a disappointment, as the Vindicator leader dismissed Pyrogurl as being a child playing hero. Her first meeting with Antonio Nash at G.I.F.T. was equally discouraging, although he did give her an assignment when he realized she would simply create trouble on her own.

During her first assignment, she encountered members of the Hellions and was seriously injured. Fortunately Ms. Liberty had asked Maximus Rex to look in on the young hero, and he managed to teleport her to the infirmary of the Guardians of the Dawn. After speaking with her parents in Boston, Maximus offered Pyrogurl limited membership in the Guardians as an intern, being assigned to work with seasoned heroes during the day but still having to return to her grandmother's house by nighttime. She eagerly accepted.

Galatea Dawning

During the "Galatea Dawning" storyline in "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight", Pyrogurl had just returned to Paragon City and was checking in at the Guardian Base when the group was undergoing an emergency. Galatea Powers, the team's most powerful member, had split into two separate people. While the active Guardians were working with the Dawn Patrol to deal with this crisis, Pyrogurl was ordered to stay at the base until someone could get her. When Leona Powers, Galatea's unstable "twin", attempted to gain access, Pyrogurl followed instructions... until Leona began setting of seismic shocks to the underwater base.

The shocks rattled Pyrogurl, who immediately called for help. Icon Powers managed to draw Leona away long enough for Pyrogurl to take the teleport to Atlas Park. There she met up with Icon Powers, who accompanied her to the Vanguard portal to Cardiff, home of the Dawn Patrol. Pyrogurl would then play a minor role in helping save Galatea and re-energize her powers.

Move To Boston

After the experience with Leona Powers, Krys was informed by her parents that they were moving to Boston on a permanent basis, and they wanted her with them. Her grandmother refused to support Krys in her efforts to stay in Paragon City, which meant that she had to leave to join them.

Not long prior to this, the Guardians were forced to disband as part of a special arrangement between Alex Wentworth and his uncle. This meant that Krys had no real reason to stay in Paragon City. Thus, Pyrogurl was not in Paragon City when neo-Shivan meteors destroyed Galaxy City in 2011. It was a move that Pyrogurl's parents considered a blessing for them all.

The Guardian Powers

In the pages of "The Guardian Powers", Pyrogurl was subpoenaed into appearing before the Citizen Grand Jury to testify about her experiences with the Guardians. Although the subpoena had no judicial force, she was tricked into returning to Paragon City and was the target of the Crey Police Force, who were hired by Special Prosecutor Alice Banks to ensure her testimony.

On the stand, Banks managed to get Pyrogurl to talk about her experience with the Guardians, including the incident with Leona Powers. Even though she felt she let her former teammates down, Krys was reassured by both Lyon Powers and Galatea Powers that she did the right thing.

Pyrogurl and her mother were forced to stay in Paragon City for the duration of the Citizen Grand Jury, which lasted several months before being shut down in light of the "Galaxy City Miracle" of 2012. She would briefly join the newly-restored Guardians of the Dawn group before again returning to Boston.

Death of Jimmy Hellfighter

In 2013, it was revealed that Jimmy Hellfighter was suffering from long-term cancer from the exposure to radioactive material that gave him his fire-based abilities during the Cuba Missile Crisis. The cancer had slowly progressed through his body, and eventually reached a point to where it was killing him.

In his final weeks before his death, he asked that the Romanna family meet him in the hospital. There, he told both Krys and KayBee that he was in fact their grandfather. He had asked Tess to not tell them this before because he initially believed he did not want to burden them with the thought of him eventually dying from cancer. But recent experiences forced him to reconsider this decision, including the time he spent with Krys helping her train as a hero with the Guardians.

Thus he was reunited with his family before finally passing away in February of 2014.

Krys abandoned her Pyrogurl identity completely afterward and returned to Boston.

Powers and Abilities

Pyrogurl's primary ability is Fire Control. She can manipulate fire around others to detain or incapacitate.

Her secondary ability is Thermal Radiation, which gives her the ability to protect or to heal others using heat.

Due to her young age, she does not have full access to her abilities.

Related Information

Pyrogurl first appeared in Issue #15 of the "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight series. She appeared briefly in "Guardians of the Dawn AFTERMATH" and in several issues of "The Guardian Powers".