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The Statesman Scouts is the name of a co-ed youth organization in the City of Heroes MMO made so children and young teenagers could feel a sense of civic responsibility and perhaps become a hero like Statesman.

Organizational History

The Statesman Scouts were officially created in the 1950's during the rampantly abusive McCarthy Era. Prior to this, the "scouts" were a group of newspaper delivery boys in Paragon City that took it upon themselves to help the Freedom Phalanx. As they grew up, they realized they can carry the tradition to the next generation of kids by following the path of other youth groups like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Initially the Statesman Scouts were for boys only, but eventually they became "co-ed" during the early 1970's.

Related Information

Both Pyrogurl and her younger sister were members of the Statesman Scouts, and the younger child was seen in her "Statesman Scouts" uniform in "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight".