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The Paragon Transit Authority, or PTA, is the semi-private organization that oversees and manages all forms of transportation in Paragon City and the outlying areas.

The PTA started out as the Paragon Rail Company in 1912 following a series of violent riots involving rival rail companies. Its name was changed in 1951, and the PTA's scope eventually expanded to include monorail service and the ferry service between Talos and Peregrine Islands.

In 2002, the Rikti destroyed much of the Red Line service in their inital attack. In memory of that service, all PTA railcars bore the "Red Line" sign. Parts of the original Red Line service can be seen in the ruins of Baumton.

In 2010, the Yellow and Green Line Rails were merged into one system, allowing commuters to travel anywhere in Paragon City and Croatoa, with the obvious exceptions of the areas deemed as Hazard Zones.

Transit Services

Paragon City Monorail

Prior to the 2002 Rikti Invasion, there were three "official" rail lines that provided service to all citizens and heroes in Paragon City and Croatoa. After the Invasion, there were only two lines available. In 2010 those two lines were merged.

Red Line

The original "Red Line" rail service provided access to the northern parts of Paragon City and access to Croatoa. This was considered the "Hero Line", since it led to Baumton, home of the Freedom Phalanx. This line was discontinued after much of it was destroyed in the 2002 Invasion.

Yellow Line

The Yellow Line covered the following areas:

Green Line

The Gree Line covered the following areas:

Blue Line

In addition to the "public" lines, there was a fourth service line dubbed the "Blue Line". This provided access to underground areas in places such as Talos Island, Founders Falls, and to more recent areas under construction such as Kallisti Wharf.

Ferry Service

Originally a private service, the Paragon City Ferry is the only local access between Peregrine Island and Paragon City.

The Ferry is free for registered heroes and civilians on foot. A modest fee is charged for vehicle transportation.

Smuggler's Ship

Technically the PTA does not cover access to Striga Isle, since it lies outside of U.S. territorial waters. However they do pay for police drones to provide security to a certain private vessel docked at Talos Island that can provide access.

Anniversary Service

Half-page ad celebrating the Red Line

To mark the ten years since the Rikti Invasion of 2002, all rail lines were renamed the "Red Line" in memory of the original service. They also temporarily reduced all non-hero transit prices to the original 2002 rates.

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