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A Hazard Zone is an area declared by government officials as being too dangerous for civilian access or residency in the world of the City of Heroes MMO. That does not mean that people cannot access these areas, as criminals are often found there, but rather that there is no active measure of protection for those that dare to enter those places.

Visitors are often warned that entering these areas should only be done at their own peril.

Conservatives mockingly refer to these areas as "French Regions" in reference to the rampant political Francophobia that they exhibit.

Critics often complain that government officials are too quick to declare an area to be a "Hazard Zone", rather than to spend the needed tax money for more police or to rebuild those areas. This appears to be the case in both Baumton and Perez Park, and many speculate that much of Eastgate can also be re-made habitable, especially in areas far away from the Hollowing sinkhole. Government officials, however, respond by saying that the costs of repair and rebuilding in these areas to conform to updated codes are far too expensive.

Hazard Zones in the City of Heroes MMO

Paragon City


  • Baumton - Destroyed in 2002 Rikti Invasion. Reconstruction hindered by Clockwork, although progress continues.
  • Perez Park - Deemed hazardous due to Hydra and Kraken.
  • Eastgate - Devastated in "The hollowing" of 2000. Although portions are still habitable, various gangs and the Hydra make it difficult to live there or to rebuild.
  • Overbrook - Destroyed by the villain "Faultline". Portions are habitable and some reconstruction is going on, even though it is infested by Clockwork, Hydra, Arachnos, and Devouring Earth.
  • Eden - Destroyed by Devouring Earth. The Hamidon is reportedly located there.
  • White Plains - Destroyed in 2002 Rikti Invasion. Quarantined by Vanguard as part of the Rikti War Zone due to the crashed Rikit mothership.
  • Venice - Quarantined due to heath risks posed by various toxic chemicals in area from Crey Industries.
  • Siren's Call - Destroyed in 2004 by Sunburst.
  • Astoria - Condemend by the Banished Pantheon.

Not Accessable

  • Outbreak - Quarantined by biological contamination. Sealed off in 2011.
  • Galaxy City - Destroyed by Shivans in 2011. The extent of the destruction still being assessed.

Rogue Isles

The Rogue Isles government does not have an official designation of a "Hazard Zone", deeming all places subject to Darwin's Law.

Praetoria (Praetorian Universe)

Emperor Cole has declared any place outside of the sonic barriers of Praetoria to be a "Hazard Zone". Essentially this is the rest of the planet. This includes First Ward, which officially "no longer exists" and people are told that they are not allowed to "dwell" about that place anymore.

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