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Brickstown is an area of Paragon City in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO.

It is primarily known for the Zigursky Penitentiary, which stands out as a mammoth brick in the middle of the area.

For a time, the prison was notorious for its numerous jailbreaks, which resulted in the streets being overrun by escaped criminals.

Most of the population in that area are correctional employees, which are needed to keep the massive facility operational. They believed being this close to the prison would keep them safe from the escaped inmates, but that was before the Rikti Invasion of 2002 and the massive War Walls that surround the area. Now they see the whole area as one huge correctional facility.

Since Brickstown is the only entrance to the hazard zone known as Crey's Folly, many employees of Crey Industries are also active there.

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