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The Libra Order is a supervillain team in the world of the City of Heroes MMO.

Group History

The Libra Order was created by Tainted Eve on behalf of her mysterious benefactor known only as "Libra".

The purpose of the organization, according to Libra, is to bring "balance" to the Rogue Isles. Sometimes that would mean aiding Arachnos, or even the "powers that be" in the Isles, and sometimes it would mean working against those forces.

To that end, the Libra Order operates in as close to a "rogue" operation as possible. Each member is there for a reason, often a reason known only to their benefactor.

Guardians of the Dawn

In Issue #17 of the "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" series, it is revealed that Libra brokered a deal with the mercenary Matthew Burke that allowed members of the Guardians of the Dawn to pose as their counterparts in the Libra Group.

Debts of Honor

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Group Details




The exact location of the Libra Order's base is not known at this time. The base is decidedly mystical in nature, much to the regret of tech-based operatives like UltraaLady.


"For every force for good in the world, be the counterforce."