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(See also Galatea Powers.)

Kara Hamilton was the civilian identity crafted by the Vanguard for Galatea Powers so she could have a sense of normalcy outside of her role as a registered superhero.

The name "Kara" was selected because it sounded similar to Galatea's real first name of "Karen".

Fictional History

Early Background

According to the history created by Vanguard's "Helm" division, Kara was born and raised in Oklahoma City, and was attending the Paradigm Fashion Design School in New York City when the Rikti attacked in 2002. Orphaned and with a partial education, she was given an apprenticeship with The Icon, Incorporated in Paragon City to further develop her skills as a tailor.

Paragon City

Upon "arriving" in Paragon City, Kara was assigned to work under Serge in the Steel Canyon store. He found her designs to have some promise, but lacked originality. Kara also took up residence at a nearby apartment complex.

After six months, Serge had Kara transferred to the Independence Port store, where she worked under the very ego-centered Lauren. Following an incident with the Crey Police Services, Kara was moved from the design apprenticeship program to Management Training. It was during this time that she became friends with Martin Keys, a designer that accidentally discovered her "other life". He promised to help keep her secret, and he eventually developed his own hero guise.

During her time as a management trainee, Kara spent time between all of the Icon stores, including the special outposts located in Pocket D and at the Vanguard Headquarters. She would assist tailors and the designers when needed as well as oversee inventory and sales.


In late 2010, Kara disappeared for several months. Martin informed management that Kara was asked to help out with the Icon representatives in the various Vanguard outposts. (In truth, Galatea Powers was being detained in Ouroboros for several months during the events of the "Time and Changes" storyline.)

Return and Death

Kara returned to work in early 2011, although her choice of outfits became more and more conservative. This led to some negative comments from some of the designers, especially Lauren. Finally, after berating Kara on her masculine suit, Kara launched a viscous tirade against Lauren, publicly ridiculing her and reminding her of all of her manipulations and acts of incompetence. She finished this verbal assault by quitting her job and then publicly transforming into a superhuman in a tech-based outfit and flying away. (This was the previously-considered "covert" outfit that Galatea wore for clandestine missions.)

That evening, there was an explosion in Kara's apartment. Fire officials report that a body was found in the ruins but could not be saved. The body was identified through DNA as being Kara Hamilton.

"Official" Report

According to "official reports", Kara Hamilton was kidnapped by the psychotic Leona Powers, who then impersonated her for several weeks, until she could no longer keep up the pretense. When Leona believed Kara's identity was of no further use to her, she incinerated Kara along with her apartment.