Banished Pantheon

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The Banished Pantheon is the name of a villain group in the City of Heroes MMO.

Background Information

They are considered a cult that worships ancient gods that were banished or replaced by other dominant religions. These can include lesser spirits that inhabit husks of bodies and haunted masks, or full-fledged deities like the Phoenician death-god Mot.

Most of their ranks consist of zombified husks that seek to kill anything alive in order to bolster their forces. Their leaders, though, are humans who are just as fatalistically corrupt as the forces they worship.

Dark Astoria

The Banished Panthon are responsible for the transformation of the commercial center known as Astoria into Dark Astoria. They used the underground tunnels along with the cemetery to transform the area into a storage place for the artifacts of Mot, with the hopes of summoning the death-god. While their initial effort failed, they did succeed in summoning other forces which allowed the area to be cloaked in a thick fog. With little means to combat the threat, Paragon City officials retreated from Astoria and sealed it off to contain the waves of zombies from spreading into Talos Island.

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Related Information

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The Banished Pantheon appeared in "The Libra Order: Debts of Honor" one-shot comic.