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Dark Astoria is a hazard zone in Paragon City in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO. It was originally known as Astoria.


Once an idyllic commercial center, much like neighboring Talos Island and Steel Canyon, Astoria thrived as people bustled about their daily lives. Even the presence of the pastoral Moth Cemetery did not detract from the beauty of this area. The Rikti Invasion came and went, and the people in this peaceful neighborhood were relatively untouched by the devastation.

However, while the Heroes of Paragon were busy rebuilding the city, the trickster god of the Banished Pantheon stumbled upon something... beneath the sod and graves of Moth Cemetery lay an ancient god, far older than those of the Pantheon, and far more powerful. Wishing to use this power to release him and his fellow gods, he ordered all of his followers to invade the area and seize control of it.

The city authorities and Heroes, already reduced in number and staggering from the Rikti onslaught, had no choice but to relinquish the area to the Pantheon and wall it off. Within the walls, the army of Husks and Shaman ravaged the zone, tore the ground apart and sacrificed every man, woman and child in their efforts to wake the god Mot. But all their efforts were in vain.

Now Dark Astoria is the decayed, urban epitaph to the dark god Mot. Largely unbeknownst to the original founders of this doomed city, a terrible being was entombed here in ages past. The death of the city has been steady, inexorable and irreversible.

In recent years, Dark Astoria has been a dangerous place, but now that the last strands of Mot's bindings begin to erode, the city exerts its mysterious pull, drawing the doomed to its streets to struggle or serve.

At long last, Mot has finally been freed and his minions flock to Dark Astoria in greater numbers than ever to revel in his power and witness as he devours all life on Primal Earth.

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Dark Astoria was seen briefly in "The Libra Order: Debts of Honor"