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Glam Bunny Magazine is a "lad mag" publication in the world of City of Heroes MMO.

It was created by Harvey Hare, a photographer who took his "eye" for heroes and turned it into an appreciation of the female form.


"Glam Bunny Magazine" was created by Harvey Hare, who used to be known as "Clicker" by the Freedom Phalanx. He served as the official photographer for the Phalanx in the 1940's, especially during World War II, chronicling Statesman and the other Allied Heroes. He was extremely fond of Maiden Justice, and it was said that he had something of a puppy love fixation for her.

Unfortunately, his work for the Phalanx did not pay the bills, so he supplemented his post-war income with glamour photography for pin-up publications. Even though he operated under the alias "Bill Bunny", the discovery of this side-work led to him being dismissed from the Phalanx. Hare used the opportunity to create Glam Bunny Magazine, which originally highlighted sexy but non-revealing women. That would change, though.

Glam Bunny rode on the wave of social liberalization of the late-50's through the mid-70's, providing timely articles promoting peace, tolerance, and love.

The publication also reflected Hare's continued support for the superhero community, and every so often he would be able to convince a hero to interview with the publication or a young heroine to appear in the magazine.

His greatest "coup" was in 1969, when he was able to get Miss Liberty, the daughter of Statesman and Maiden Justice, to not only be interviewed, but also to pose for some "tasteful" but still sexy images. This was during Miss Liberty's rebellious period, when she broke away from the shadow of her parents.

In the 2000's, the magazine was mired in a scandal when Glam Bunny Jen Glamour was revealed to be a telepathic manipulator who used her powers to feed her fragile ego. Her manipulations were eventually put to an end by J-Star, another Glam Bunny model. The scandal, though, painted Hare as being old and out-of-touch.

Although Hare remains as editor-in-chief, much of the publication's operations are handled by others.

Noted Models and Celebrities

  • Miss Liberty - One of the first "celebrity superheroines" to pose (non-nude) in the magazine in 1969.
  • J-Star - Jenny Star, Glam Bunny for August 1994 and later superhero
  • Jen Glamour - Glam Bunny for September 1994 and Glam Bunny 1995, movie star, eventual villain.
  • Desdemona - First Praetorian to appear in the magazine
  • Randi Rogues - Posed for the magazine while in college under the name "Mandi E.". The scandal cost her marriage and blacklisted her as a reporter for several years before eventually working for PNN as an "embedded reporter" in the Rogue Isles.
  • Kimaliya Wolfe - "Celebutatnt" best known for being born rich, marrying an old rich man who soon died, and eventually developing her own "celebrity metrics" system. She posed for the magazine to take attention off accusations of her being a golddigger.

Related Information

"Glam Bunny Magazine" was mentioned in the "Battle of the Jens" story as well as the hero interview with J-Star.

It is patterned after the real-world Playboy Magazine.

Its counterpart in the world of Champions Online MMO is "Capes and Boots" Magazine.