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"Capes and Boots" is a risque magazine in the world of Champions Online MMO that features heroines (and would-be heroines) that are seen wearing their "Capes and Boots... and nothing else!"

"Capes and Boots", or "CaB", was first published in September of 1974 by Art Choker, aka "The Artichoke", a Z-grade hero, but a superb photographer. It was during a shoot with an up-and-coming heroine to promote her new career that Choker came upon the idea of showing her in nothing but her hooded cloak and boots. Although her identity was never revealed, the photos became an instant hit, and led to Choker creating a whole magazine based on that concept.

Over the years, CaB highlighted both fashion models and heroines. To balance out the "prurient interests", interviews with celebrities and Pulitzer-quality stories were also included. A feature story on Doctor Destroyer was even nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

The magazine was investigated several times in the 1980's for possible obscenity charges, but no indictments were ever made.

With the death of Choker in 2001, the publication had come under some hard times before being saved by a mystery investor.

Galatea Future Incident

In 2012, Galatea Future was rumored to have agreed to pose for the publication. However it was revealed that this "agreement" was made by Markman Gold as part of his campaign to "own" the heroine's career. Ms. Future publicly rejected any idea of appearing in such a magazine. As part of an agreement in 2013 following her lawsuit against the Gold Standard Agency, a formal apology had to be issued by both the agency and the publication's editorial board for making that claim. Interest in the magazine plummeted afterward.

Related Information

"Capes and Boots" was referenced in Issue #4 of "The Lost Adventures of Galatea Powers" comic series.

According to creator David 2, "Capes and Boots" is loosely based on the real-world adult publication Penthouse Magazine.

Its counterpart in the City of Heroes MMO is "Glam Bunny Magazine".