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Miss Liberty is an in-game character in the City of Heroes MMO. She is the mother of Ms. Liberty and the daughter of founding Freedom Phalanx members Statesman and Maiden Justice.

Character History

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Early Life

As the daughter of the most iconic heroes in Paragon City, Alexis Cole knew that she would follow in their footsteps and become a hero. But until then, she had much to learn, and that included being a sidekick.

When she was deemed ready, Alexis became "Miss Liberty", a patriotic hero with the powers inherited from her father, and by the Girdle of the Furies given to her by her mother.

Her career as a hero took on different phases. In the early 60's she tried to help protect President Marchand from a takeover by Lord Recluse. Although she failed in her mission, she did give him enough time to escape for the moment. However, his later death served as a bitter defeat for her as a hero.

In the later 60's and early 70's, she entered a rebellious phase. This included posing for the scandalous Glam Bunny Magazine. Even though it was a "non-nude" pictorial, the fact that someone like her would do something like that was considered almost blasphemous.

Later Life

Alexis would meet and marry Patrick Duncan and changed her name to Alexis Cole-Duncan. She retired from being a hero, focusing her efforts on Freedom Corps and on being a mother to Megan Duncan, who would inherit her powers and mystical girdle.

In 2002, Alexis returned to active duty to fight in the Rikti War alongside both her father and daughter. During that time, she was given the sword Excalibur from Hero One for safekeeping prior to the Alpha-Omega Gamble. After the war, she returned to retirement and gave the sword to Ms. Liberty.


Miss Liberty was killed in 2012 by Darrin Wade as part of his grand plan to steal the power of Rularuu.

Powers and Abilities

Related Information

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Although mentioned through in-game sources, Miss Liberty did not actually appear in-game until the "Issue 11: A Stitch In Time" release. [1]