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(This entry is for the Faith Powers in the Primal Universe. For the Faith Powers from the Praetorian Universe, see Furia Powers.)

Welsh Fury
"Welsh Fury", aka Faith Powers
Creator: David 2/Battlerock X
First Appearance: "The Guardian Powers" #12 (flashback)
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: Faith Powers
Known Aliases: '
Species: Mutant
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: light-brown (dyed purple)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Welsh, United Kingdom
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Wales
Base of Operations: Wales
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Windham Powers (father), Katie Lea Powers (sister), unnamed mother
The Guardian Powers
Known Powers
Kinetic manipulation
Known Abilities
kinetic assault, enhanced protection, flight
Badge DawnPatrol.png This character is a member of the European group Dawn Patrol.

Faith Powers was the older sister of Lyon Powers that went by the hero name Welsh Fury. She was a member of the Alpha Team of heroes in the final battle against the Rikti in the 2002 Invasion and was killed in the assault.

Prior to leaving for America to deal with the Rikti, though, she donated a pint of her blood for posterity. Some of that blood would later be used as the DNA baseline for the genetic re-construction of Galatea Powers.

Character History

Faith was one the earliest of the third-generation heroes in the legendary Powers family to put on a mask. But even before she became known as the "Welsh Fury", there was something of an edge to her.

Some attributed it to her mutation. As with other mutants, puberty triggered her powers, and it turned her anger and rebellious nature into physical power. Fortunately, as part of that third-generation of heroes, she had plenty of teachers to help her control her power and channel her anger into something worth targeting.

Others believed that she was simply rebellious because of the attention. She hung around so-called "bad boys" because she was told not to. She spent the night dancing when told she had a curfew. She listened to the most controversial music of the time because she was told it was "bad". She dyed her hair bright purple and wore provocative clothes because she was expected to be "better than that".

But there was always a line that she kept. Her behavior was rebellious, but it was never criminal. She teased, but she never was promiscuous. She pushed the line, but she never broke it.

And certainly when she became a registered hero in the Dawn Patrol, "Welsh Fury" was never like her alter-ego. There was a ferocity in her actions, but never in her manners. In fact, she seemed downright noble and honorable with the public.

One might even speculate that Faith's "wild child" past may have even been a ruse, setting herself up for her future career as a hero. If so, it was the perfect ruse.

It also makes one wonder what sort of hero she would have become had the Rikti not invaded in 2002, and she was lost so early in her career in the Alpha-Omega Gambit. Her death, though, would also inspire her younger sister, Katie Lea, to follow in her footsteps and become Lyon Powers.

Posthumous Contribution

Prior to the Alpha-Omega Gambit, all heroes were asked to give blood, as a final gift to humanity. Most of the donated blood went into a special storage vault. Some of it was used to identify the remains of those that died in battle. Others were used when necessary.

In 2011, it was discovered that Faith's blood was compatible with that of the otherworld heroine known as Galatea Powers, who at the time was split into two separate beings. To save the half that was known as "Galatea", Faith's blood became the genetic base to rebuild Galatea's genetic form. The "new" incarnation of Galatea would possess some of Faith's personality traits, plus Faith's true light-brown hair.

Katie Lea described it as being the closest thing to getting her sister back.

In honor of Faith's posthumous contribution, Galatea changed her civilian first name to "Faith" and declared her previous life as being deceased.

Powers and Abilities

According to Dawn Patrol records, Faith's primary ability was Kinetic Melee. She could use her internal telekinesis into an offensive weapon which magnified her physical attacks.

Her secondary ability was Willpower. Turning her internal telekinesis inward bolstered her defenses and aided in her recovery from injuries. This allowed her to withstand blistering attacks without succumbing to them. She can also use this power to fly.

Her powers were linked to her emotional state, so the angrier she became, the more powerful her abilities were.

The top levels of her power were never realized, however, before she died in the Alpha-Omega Gambit.

Related Information

Faith was referenced by Lyon Powers and Omega Shift in Issue #25 of the "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" series as part of the "Galatea Dawning" storyline. She appears in hindsight in Issue #12 of "The Guardian Powers".

Her Praetorian counterpart is Furia Powers.