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Sword-wielding Vigilante
Creator: David 2/BattlerockX
First Appearance: "Future's Guardian" #2
Game: Champions Online
Personal Data
Real Name: Dee Lawrence
Known Aliases: Dee Risk, DJ Risqué
Species: human
Age: 25
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 150
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: DJ, Actress, Stuntwoman, Vigilante
Place of Birth: New Hampshire
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: mother, father (disappeared), three step-fathers (divorced), three step-brothers
Future's Guardian
Known Powers
physical fitness
Known Abilities
swordsmanship, stunt training
electro-sword, jet pack, lingerie (as a diversion)
Badge ChampionsHero.png This character is a hero in the world of Champions Online.

"I know what it's like to try to chase your dreams, only to watch them slowly die away. You work hard. You do everything by the book. You play by the rules. And then someone that could make your dreams come true comes along and decides to take your dreams and turn them into nightmares. People like that need to be brought to justice. They need to be given reminders that they are not above the rest of us."
- Starlett


Starlett is a character in the world of Champions Online MMO.

She is a former stunt-woman and wannabe actress initially looking for her place in the world, only to find it as a vigilante and sometimes a Dee-Jay.

Character History

Starlett when she first appeared in Millennium City

Dee Lawrence grew up in small towns and broken homes. But despite all she endured from her extended family and friends, she always believed that there was something better waiting for her.

So when the opportunity first presented itself, she ran away. She hung around anyone that would give her a ride to where she wanted to go, did whatever she needed to do to make money (within some boundaries), and challenged herself in some extreme competition.

Finally she made it to Hollywood, where she encountered the one thing that Hollywood is best known for most newcomers: disappointment.

She applied herself as a stunt double under the name “Dee Risk”, which got her some minor jobs in straight-to-video productions and her SAG card, but nothing more.

Then she was invited to a special “party” by the owner of X-Ample Studios, one of the film companies she did her straight-to-video work for. She was told it would be a party that would supposedly make her career. It turned out, however, to be a “roof-party”. The young women, all wannabe actresses, would show up early, be drugged, then be used by the producer’s “guests” for their personal entertainment.

Dee, however, thought something was fishy and said no to the drugged drinks. When she realized what was going on, she quickly fled from the area.

She tried to report the incident to the police, but the producer was too influential to be taken down simply by her eyewitness testimony. So she took the law into her own hands.

A quick visit to the studio’s weapons shop, some lingerie, a white duster jacket, and a mask completed her transformation into a vigilante.

Returning to the producer’s “party house”, she finds the videos of the previous parties. After giving the producer a few “memorable wounds” with her electro-sword, she turns the videos over to famed celebrity Champion Sapphire, who was on tour promoting her latest album.

As a celebrity superhero, Sapphire was able to bring a public face to the crime and pressure the justice system to take action.

Appearing as simply an "anonymous starlet", Dee gave her testimony that helped put the producer away for thirty years and have him registered as a predatory offender should he ever be allowed out.

But even though she was known as an "anonymous starlet", Hollywood "good old boy" society still managed to black-list her from all future projects.

Touched by Dee’s determination for justice, Sapphire invited Dee to follow her back to Millennium City, where she could find her true calling as a hero and help bring justice to those that need it.

Future's "Stalker"

Not long after the return of Galatea Future to Millennium City, Starlett began shadowing Ms. Future, hoping to get noticed by her. It wasn't easy considering that at this point Starlett was stuggling to live in the Westside district. She first targed members of the New Purple Gang, since they operated close to the Renaissance Center, which Galatea would visit during her infrequent patrols.

Blue Encounter

During one of her waiting periods, Starlett was approached by a wolf-like being who introduced himself as "Mister Blue", who was also looking for Galatea Future. After a quick check of the otherworld guardian's location, however, "Blue" revealed that he was not there to "help" Galatea but to kill her. Starlett tries to stop "Blue" only to find herself overpowered, critically injured, and left for dead.

She is soon rushed to the hospital and her information is enough to alert Galatea and the others to the threat "Blue" poses. She is considered "dead" for the time being and her recovery continues under the watch of Ronin Omega.

New Training

Starlett slowly recovers with the help of the "cosmic traveller" and he eventually begins training her on how to further use her sword. She is also given a new outfit, partially to cover up the scar on her abdomen, which eventually goes away from the special medication. As a condition of her training, she began working for Major Xavier Cross and his Project Mycroft team.

"Psilence of Conscience"

During the "Psilence of Conscience" storyline, Starlett played a minor role in helping Galatea Future retake the WCOC studios from Malizia. She was the one that aided a distracted Markman Gold to the control room and away from the battle. She also had the pleasure of rendering him unconscious when he tried to force his way out. Afterward, she was watching the camera footage of the struggle between Galatea and Malizia, and she discovered Galatea's secret identity. She turned the camera footage over to Cross.

DJ Risqué

Not long afterward, Starlett got a day job working as a DJ for Club Caprice. With the money she's been able to bring in from the club, she was able to rent a basement space nearly where she could sleep on a real bed as well as continue her activities.

Her DJ name is "DJ Risqué", and she has amassed something of a following in the club. But, aside from the manager, nobody knows that she is Starlett.


Six months after the "Psilence of Conscience" story, Markman Gold put pressure on her to retrieve the unedited camera footage that would expose both Malizia and Galatea. He threatened to expose the truth of her connection to Gold as well as release nude images she took during her Hollywood days. Rather than give in, she turned to Ronin and told him everything. Even though he and Cross knew of her connection to Gold, they continued to help her, believing that her better nature would always compel her to do the right thing.

Ronin contacted Agent Wednesday of the FBI, and she was able to not only get the incriminating photos, but she also personally mind-wiped any knowledge Gold had of who Starlett really is.

Some time later, she was able to catch up with Galatea Future, where she revealed that she knows who Galatea really is, and Galatea trusted her enough to never reveal that to anyone else. The two were able to renew their friendship and respect, with Dee showing up to listen to a public reading of the latest book from Athena Fairmore.

Powers and Abilities

Starlett was not formally trained when she was in Hollywood. Most of her physical abilities came from extreme sport activities.

Her use of a collapsable electro-sword came mostly from a course she took at the Bobby Void School of Stunt Weapons in Hollywood. While far from being formalized training, it was enough for her to be quite dangerous with it and leave considerable "mementos" on her victims.

After a run-in with "Mister Blue", she has been getting some training from Ronin Omega, which has improved her fighting skills considerably.


Starlett's outfit is custom-made and designed primarily for distraction, giving her time to reach for her collapsible tech-sword. The white duster allows her to wear the jet pack and gives her modest protection while she is in flight.

Initially her outfit consisted of black lingerie with white fishnet stockings, but after a confrontation with Mister Blue, which left some temporary scars on her midsection, Starlett was given a new black-and-white outfit which still offers a distraction but also provides slightly more modesty.

(Note: Her outfit was not reflective of her personal habits.)


Dee is very friendly and outgoing.

As Starlett, she is playful but lethal. She comes off as a temptress, but will attack with a vengeance when given the opportunity.

In "Future's Guardian" #15 it is revealed that she is in an intimate relationship with John Battle. But the relationship is complicated by the fact that John has no "secret identity" and it is known he has a relationship with "DJ Risqué" (aka Dee Risk) and not Starlett.

Connection to Markman Gold

As was revealed in "Future's Guardian" #4, Starlett's fixation on being noticed by Galatea Future was orchestrated by Markman Gold as a way to get close to the otherworld guardian and get her secrets. This was not by consent, though, as Gold held certain photos of Starlett from her "Hollywood days" that he used as leverage.

By Issue #13, though, Starlett was freed of Gold's control over her thanks to Agent Wednesday. She is now in possession of the photos Gold used to have to blackmail her. Gold also no longer knows who Starlett really is.

Basement Hideout

Dee rents a basement not far from Club Caprice. It's in an area in the City Center area where she can come and go without being noticed either as herself or as Starlett. It allows her to sleep, clean her clothes, get a hot shower, recharge her jetpack and plan her nightly activities.

Since she's also in a relationship with John Battle, she's been careful to keep her "Starlett" activities to her basement home, even though he's offered to keep some of her hero attire and gear at his place.

Related Information

Starlett first appeared in Issue #2 of "Future's Guardian"