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The Sexy Singing Superhero Sensation!
Creator: Cryptic Studios
First Appearance: "The Lost Adventures of Galatea Future" #1
Game: Champions Online
Personal Data
Real Name: Corazon Valenzuela
Known Aliases: Corrie, Corrie Sapphire, Sexy Corrie
Species: Human
Age: '
Height: 6'4"
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: '
Biographical Data
Nationality: '
Occupation: '
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Force, Flight
Known Abilities
Energy-based powers, flight
Sharpie Pen (For autographs, of course!)
Badge ChampionsHero.png This character is a hero in the world of Champions Online.
NPC.png This entry is an In-Game Non-Player Character.

Sapphire is the name of an in-game character in Champions Online as well as a member of the iconic supergroup The Champions.

Character History

Born Corazon Valenzuela, her first love has always been music. Her parents would boast that she was singing before she could even speak. She was first discovered by a talent scout at a local community talent contest, and six months later she was working on her first album as "Corrie Sapphire". Although she largely performed normal bubblegum-pop songs, her star began to fade when she started growing to Amazonian heights. Music executives considered her to be "too tall to be a pop singer" and were preparing to sunset her career early when the unthinkable happened.

During what was going to be her "last concert" (even though she was not aware of it), a villain supergroup decided to storm the stage to take her hostage. Much to the surprise of everyone, espeically the would-be abductors, Corrie began firing bolts of blue energy. The audience, thinking this was a new part of the act, went nuts, and demanded an encore even after superheroes arrived to take the villains away.

The music executives changed their minds about retiring Corrie's singing career since they could market her now as the "Singing Superhero Sensation". But for Corrie, being a superhero wasn't an act or a gimmick. It was her new calling. She began fighting crime simply under the name of "Sapphire", and it wasn't long before she was recruited by Defender to join The Champions.

For a while she had a crush on Defender, but eventually she realized that it could never be, especially after she realized that he was interested in another Champion by the name of Witchcraft. Besides, she rationalized, she really didn't have time for a relationship at that point. Between her renewed singing carer and her new calling as a superhero, Sapphire's personal life is really booked up.

Powers and Abilities

Sapphire has Force-based energy abilities, allowing her to use blue energy for both offensive and defensive purposes. Plus they make for great special effects on stage. She can also use this energy to fly.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that she is a singer? Seriously.


Sapphire along with Galatea Future at a 2011 Anniversary Party

Publicly, Sapphire is very friendly and outgoing. This especially true when she spends her time at Millennium City's Anniversary celebrations, where she performs for free and sings her pop hit "We Are Champions" and encourages other heroes to join her on stage.

But away from the limelight, Corrie is troubled by some issues, especially body image. She is ashamed of her height, since she towers over most other women and even some men. She has taken comfort in the encouragement of Galatea Future, whom she considers a good personal friend, in seeing beyond her height. She is also friends with her sister Champions member Witchcraft.

She did have a crush on Defender at one point... but, then again, who hasn't? Fortunately she grew out of it.

She is still single, although there are a few "criminal fans" that would like that to change.

Related Information

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Sapphire appeared in Issue #1 of "The Lost Adventures of Galatea Future".