The Justice-Knights

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The Justice-Knights comic book series that follows the exploits of an unfamilair d-list super group as their adventures put them more and more in the spotlight.

Author: Joseph Brownstone
Author Aliases: Joseph Cohen, Sin Stalker
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: Action & Adventure
Series Type: Ongoing
Date Premiered: '07
Number of Issues: 9
Date of Last Issue: January 2nd, 2015
Average Issue Length: 24 Pages
Main Cast
Sin Stalker, Dark Synaspe, Lady Inferus, Dr. Frostburg, Biosphere, Spykefury
Programs Used
Comic Life 3, Planetwide's Comic Book Creator, City of Heroes, Demo editing, GIMP 2.8


#1 Introductions and Executions

JK 1-1.jpg

(Read Here) A super sized special first issue that pits the Justice-Knights against the Injustice-Knights!

#2 Division and Reunion

JK 2-1.JPG

(Read Here) This issues takes place at the same time as issue 1 and follows another set of Justice-Knights that were not involved in the adventures of "Introductions and Executions".

#3 Love and Remorse

JK 3-1.JPG

(Read Here) Instead of following the Justice-Knights, we find ourselves with Stalkling. Stalkling is the current sidekick of Sin Stalker, who is the leader of the Justice-Knights.

#4 Obey 1 of 6

JK 4-1.JPG

(Read Here) A mystery is brewing. Sister Psyche in a coma, most of the Vindicators and Freedom Phalanx in Europe searching for those responsible... and is Manticore not Manticore?! With most of the Justice-Knights away for the holidays, only Sin Stalker seems to suspect the truth.

#5 Obey 2 of 6

JK 5-1.JPG

(Read Here) As Sin Stalker and his former sidekick Stalkling work against the clock to warn Biosphere of his impending doom. Is Manticore the one truly responsible or is there another at work?

#6 Obey 3 of 6

JK 6-1.JPG

(Read Here) The third part of the first multi issue story arch continues as our heroes struggle to survive and find help. Will they find the assistance they need or is a city filled with heroes that are turning against them going to be their final downfall?

#7 Obey 4 of 6

JK 7-1.JPG

(Read Here) The fourth part of the first multi issue story arch continues as our heroes struggle to survive and find help. Find out the connection between CyCorp and the strange actions of Manticore! Know if this truly is Manticore or a fake! The end is nigh!

#8 Obey 5 of 6

JK 8-1.JPG

(Read Here) The fifth part of the first multi issue story arch. Like Statesman's Call several years earlier, Manticore's Call goes out to the public; asking all citizens and heroes to rally against the evil Cyril Corporation and the Justice-Knights. The stakes continue to increase against the heroes of our story.

#9 Obey 6 of 6


(Read Here) The thrilling conclusion of the first multi issue story arch.

#10 Free Fall


(Read Here) Still healing from their encounter with Obedience, the Justice-Knights are barely holding together as members quit left and right. It is at this time of vulnerability that an old enemy in a new form decides to strike.

#11 Bad Business 1of2


(Read Here) Rumor has it that CyCorp is about to make the deal of the decade and that doesn't sit right with some. While most of the Justice-Knights suffer from a communication blackout, Lady Inferus and Dr. Frostburg find themselves on a sinking deathtrap.

#12 Bad Business 2of2


(Read Here) Under threat of being killed by their own planet’s security forces, Lady Inferus and Dr. Frostburg find themselves trapped, surrounded and hunted all at the same time. Meanwhile the other Justice-Knights, lead by Dark Synaspe, confront the malicious tycoon Mr. Cyril. Prepare for the other side of the downward spiral.






All Justice-Knights issues are available in several formats: Issuu and PDF.

History & Origins

Paragon Origin

Just after the end of the first Rikti Invasion/War, a group of scientists working at Sai Labs began experiments on an Aquatic being that was found in an abandoned alien vessel on the floor of our ocean. What these morally absent scientists didn't realize was that this being had mental abilities. In his weakened state, the being reached out with his mind in attempt to find help. Random heroes from around the city heard him on some limited level and were drawn to a seemingly random city block. These heroes were;

These heroes banded together for a reason they did not know and in the end saved the final member of their group, the aquatic hero Mes Merman.

This group stayed together and did a lot of good until one of their own turned. Dr. Killion was a man trapped inside of a demon's body, because of an experiment done by the Nazi's in World War Two. While the doctor was in the demons body, for decades the demon was inside his body. The demon was responsible for many evils over the decades but thanks to the efforts of the Justice-Knights, and the technology of Accelerator, the heroes were able to remove the demon's mind and event merge the human and demon bodies. This allowed the hero Dr. Killion to transform at will and continue being a hero as well enjoy a normal life and love.

This was however not the end. The demon's mind returned and began to take control of the doctor. The end result was the destruction of Accelerator and the disbanding of the group. Dr. Killion's two forms were seperated and the doctor was once again trapped inside the demonic form.

Accelerator was brilliant and had always had a back up plan. Upon any critical damage to his form, his mind would be uploaded and sent back to his hidden lab and group HQ. He had an experimental new body, utilizing nano-cell technology to create a more human-looking form. His mind was to be downloaded into this 2.0 body however something went wrong and when the Justice-Knights returned, they found their base in flames. Within the rubble, the did however discover the prototype Accelerator form known as Databank. Upon examination they discovered the computer system attempted to download Accel's mind into the prototype body. The prototype's computerized brain was inferior and unable to handle a full mind and so the result was an android with all of Accel's memories but none of his thought processes or personality remained.

Justice-Knights Unlimited

A few members of the group, Sin Stalker, Dark Synaspe, and Lady Inferus remained and continued the group. They took on many new members such as;

  • Dr. Frostburg
  • Striker
  • Fhyrestar
  • Impact
  • Power Surge
  • General Orange
  • Ms. Wonder
  • Silent Dragon
  • Kneebiter
  • Kaxx
  • Rik
  • Thorny Devil
  • Ultaman
  • Bomblast
  • Niquity
  • Stone Samurai
  • Any many many more...

The group had taken on an "unlimited" policy and their ranks flourished greatly. Previous members such as Lady Inferus and Dark Synapse left Paragon but Sin Stalker remained to lead them. They were on their way to becoming a great force for justice but it would be short-lived. An enemy, Marius Thorn was a rogue member of the mystical group the Circle of Thorns. The "Prince of Thorns" brought together rogue members of many other Paragon groups including, from the Freakshow, 5th Column, Manglers, Devouring Earth and more. His plan was one of betrayal as he used their powers and energies, leaving them weakened, and creating a giant monster that fused all these powers together into one. It was a true chimera. The creature was created just north of Talos Island and began a path of destruction. Marius' own creature betrayed him and would have destroyed the island city if it wasn't for the efforts of the Justice-Knights. Only the majority of the Knights and other random heroes were able to join in the battle as the creature was able to put up a force field, trapping the first heroes on the scene inside and keeping any help an reinforcements outside. Uses of teleporters and communication were all blocked.

The heroes' efforts prevented the island's destruction but came at a terrible cost. The group, filled with dozens and dozens of heroes was now filled with death. Only one hero, Power Surge, survived the main battle zone and was left in a coma. Other heroes such as Sin Stalker, General Orange and a few surviving others remained alive only because they were trapped outside the battle zone. The events of this day are known now as the "Talos Island Tragedy". It is Sin Stalker's main regret and failure. Investigating the events, it is Sin's belief that one or more of their members had betrayed them and were responsible for helping their group trigger the shield trap that allow so many deaths.

A Year Later

The group was now much smaller than it once was. Many members such as General Orange left while old members such as Dark Synaspe and Lady Inferus returned. It was now that members of the group, Spykefury, Israfel, Soul Harverst, Mad Mummy, Patman and other characters of the Justice-Knights comic series, slowly joined. Over the next several months, the group reformed had reformed but behind their backs, Sin would invade their privacy and cross many lines in fear of another tragedy and betrayal occurring.

From here the Justice-Knights would continue until another founding member, Sin Stalker met a horrible end. This human, armed with no super powers save the ability to sense those in need, was killed when one of the most powerful superheroes, Statesman, crashed into him at amazing speed. With Sin dead and the revelation of his betrayal into their own personal privacy known, several more members left the group.


Planned Story Arcs

Several other storylines are planned. However there is no guarantee that these story lines will be altered or canceled.

  • Issue #0: the Mad Mummy - #0
  • CyCorp Renegade and Attack of the Church - #13 & #14
  • Attack of the Mermen - #15 & #16
  • The Building of Babel - #17 through #19
  • Rikti War Chronicles - #20 through #23
  • Enemies Within - #24, #25, & Annual #1
  • Dissassembled - #26 through #30
  • Injustice - #31 & #32


In the future, new members are planned to eventually come in the series. These include;

  • Mez Merman
  • Nova Sentry
  • Flamecore
  • Toth
  • Mighty Minx
  • Dr. Dositheus
  • Shade Angel


"Director's Cut" There are plans to edit issue #1 down to a more convenient size, implementing many things learned over the course of the series comic making. The storyline though will remain the same. It will simply be "fixed".


All issues are available