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Rain forest decimation, ice caps melting, global warming; all the things that drove Planterror. Believing that people will refuse to change their ways and that man will eventually destroy the planet, Planterror put all his will and intelligence in genetics fix this paradox. His plan was to mutate all human life on earth and convert it from a mammal based structure to one merged with other forms of life found on this planet, namely plants. His experiments were a success but when the corporation he was working for, Sai Labs quickly put an end to his research. Before they could completely eradicate all he worked on, he used the experimental retro-virus on himself. Now with a new name, his plans have expanded from not only converting and "saving" all human life but destroying whatever corporations are out there, convert all governments to green-socialist regimes and kill off as many human mammal lives he can until he is able to recreate the amalgam retro-virus.

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