Rona Cosell's: Behind the Mask

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Title of KK Comics
Rona LIVE!
Author: TechSpider/Kinetic Kitten
Author Aliases: None
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: Action
Series Type: Ongoing
Date Premiered: 8/18/2008
Number of Issues: 2
Date of Last Issue: 11/15/2008
Average Issue Length: 10-15 pages
Main Cast
Rona Cosell
Programs Used
City of Heroes, CBC, Comic Life, Photoshop CS2
No additional information available.

A comic series created by TechSpider/Kinetic Kitten featuring the on-air Paragon News Network Magazine Style show, Rona Cosell's: Behind the Mask!

Paragon News Network brings you the newest in Hard Hitting Journalism! Rona Cosell's: Behind The Mask! Each episode Rona Cosell will search the Rogue Isle's and Paragon City to find and reveal the secrets behind the world's most celebrated heroes and feared villains

Issue #1


Origin Told: Kinetic Kitten (read)

Summary: Rona delves into the past, to bring you the Super Secret Origin of Kinetic Kitten!

Issue #2


Origin Told: Mistress Arachnae (read)

Summary: Rona travels to the Rogue Isles to find the wife of the infamous TechSpider.

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Rona Cosell's: Behind the Mask comic series