Nan Bracer

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Nan Bracer
The most annoying face and voice of legal media
Creator: Battlerock X/David 2
First Appearance: The Guardian Powers #5
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: Nannette Ellen Bracer
Known Aliases: '
Species: human (lawyer)
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: Yellow (dyed)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American (regrettably)
Occupation: legal adviser, media personality, former prosecutor, disbarred and disgraced attorney
Place of Birth: Louisiana
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: unnamed parents
The Guardian Powers, Furia and the Guardians, Task Force Twilight
Known Powers
Known Abilities
abusing the law, being a general nuisance in the media
the media

Nan Bracer is a media personality for the Paragon News Network. She currently serves as a legal consultant, although certain conservative groups tried to make her into the next Garry Becker.

Character History

Early Life

Nannette Bracer was born in Louisianna, the daughter of two local attorneys. Although they struggled to make ends meet, they always encouraged her to pursue her dreams.

A born go-getter, Nan set her sights on one day becoming US Attorney General. Unfortunately for her, she couldn't afford to go to the prestigeous law schools that would lead her there. Getting a scholarship for the Westhaven Law School, she still believed she would somehow find a way to get the attention of the Attorney General's office.

City Prosecutor

Upon passing the Bar Exam, Nan applied for and was hired by the City of Birmingham, where she focused her attention on proscecuting street criminals, believing this would get her national attention. Unfortunately she found out that the Department of Justice is deluged with crusading criminal prosecutors.

In the late 1990's she attended a seminar headlined by the new "superstar" federal prosecutor, Alice Banks, and her focus on superhero groups and their use of underage "sidekicks". After talking with Banks about her tactics, Nan returned to Birmingham, hell-bent on making a name for herself in the same way.

In the years that followed, though, Nan became more and more abbrasive and abusive as prosecutor. She wasn't above pushing the legal limits, justifying her actions by saying that the brutality of the crimes committed deserved reciprocal treatment. She would make deals with defense attorneys that she would later reneg on. She would withhold evidence that would otherwise prove the innocence of the accused. She would launch heavy media campaigns for her case and personally attack defense attorneys. Attorneys and even judges would complain, but she latched onto the local media so heavily that nobody in their right mind would try to remove her for fear that "the worst scum imaginable" would go after their children.

Finally, in 2006, she was caught fabricating evidence to gain a conviction. This became the last straw. The Alabama Bar Association wasted no time in disbarring her. The State Attorney General fired her that evening.

Media Role

Using her social connections, Nan manged to find a job as a "legal consultant" for various Atlanta television stations, where she became known for her annoying and abrasive personality, especially when it came to victims rights. Local prosecutors would complain about her tone, especially when interviewing suspects, but she was quick to hide behind the freedom of the press.

This eventually transitioned into a position with the Paragon News Network, when she was hired following the death of Rona Cosell during the "Death Dealers DECONSTRUCTED" event. It was believed that General Manager Kenny Emerson was going to use Nan to replace Rona when Sally Carson-Ramirez was deemed "too cute" by focus groups, but those plans fell through when Rona returned from "parts unknown". Nan was gradually edged into service providing "colorful" commentary about legal cases in the late-night broadcasts, and eventually into the morning and afternoon broadcasts.

"Bronx Boxer" Interview and "Justice For All"

Nan finally gained attention when she began to provide on-air support of the new Citizen Grand Jury brought about by Alice Banks to investigate certain superhero groups, starting with the Guardians of the Dawn and their underage sidekick, Pyrogurl.

To help Alice's crusade, Nan hosted a special report on "sidekick abuse", which featured an interview with convicted former hero Bronx Boxer. The interview painted the Boxer as a remorseful predator and drove public support toward the Citizen Grand Jury. The special report got high ratings and convinced Emerson to give Nan her own show.

The new legal show was called "Justice For All" and was initially set to take over Garry Becker's old time-slot (which at that time was still in reruns).

However just minutes before it was to premiere, PNN aired a last-minute paid commercial from "Equinox Associates". The paid show, hosted by Becker himself, exposed certain truths of Nan's special report. Becker revealed that the Boxer was convicted not for being a predator, but because he threw the real predator off a building to his death. It was also revealed that Nan did not conduct the interview itself, although she made it appear in post-production as though she did. (The real interviewer, it turned out, was Faith Nottingham.)

Faced with these new revelations, "Justice For All" was immediately pulled from the schedule. Nan's status as "legal consultant" was also suspended temporarily. The show eventually aired in 2013 on the weekends. It lasted for all of three months before it was pulled.

Nan has resumed her role as "legal consultant", providing occasional commentary on legal issues. She also took over the weekly series "City of Gangs" to further boost her image as a "legal expert".

Powers and Abilities

Nan Bracer has no powers other than the ability to be annoying and not be held accountable for it. She knows the law, but she is disbarred from practicing it in Georgia, Alabama, and Rhode Island. And if she travels to any other state, it is only a matter of time before she is disbarred there as well.


Nan Bracer has long considered the job to be more important than a personal life. She is somewhat antisocial in that regard.

She has dated, and she's had a few boyfriends in her life, but many men are turned off by her aggressive approach and her need to prevail in any conversation.

She has a quirky speech pattern where she over-emphasizes certain words with her southern drawl. She says she does it to get her point across. Most people think that it is her most annoying trait.

She is a rigid supporter of law and order at all costs. She despises people like Alex Wentworth, especially after he became District Attorney. She is also not a supporter of superheroes, whom she considers to be just "popular criminals".

Nan has no qualms cheating to get her way. For her, right and wrong are just matters of perspective. It is about winning or losing the popular vote. If it means lying or cheating or making something up to get the edge, so be it. "Honor", to her, is just pretense.

Relationships in PNN

April Hernandez - As a crime victim, Nan feels tremendous empathy with April, although she is not above reminding April of that traumatic event to get the upper hand in discussions.

Kenny Emerson - As her boss, Nan makes sure to keep on his good side. She has heard of "the tape", though.

Matt Myers - Nan regards Matt as a friendly guy but not really a "reporter" per se. Matt is liked, but Nan wants to be respected.

Robin Steed - Nan is always pleased to be on Robin's broadcasts, especially when it comes to legal matters because she can easily dominate the broadcast.

Garry Becker - Although he was no longer working at PNN when she was hired, Nan has long considered Becker to be an opportunistic amateur. She reviled in his departure, and she hoped she can take over his spot. Since his return by way of PNN Radio, the two have verbally sparred, which only resulted in more people supporting Becker and hating her, which gets under her skin.

Rona Cosell - Rona does not see Nan as much of a threat to her position as, say, Sally Carson-Ramirez. In fact, she considers Nan to be a cheaper imitation of Sally. For her part, Nan is not bitter about Rona coming back from the dead and she tries to remain friendly with the seasoned journalist.

Reverend Neo-Con - Since his radio show is at midnight, Nan says she does not really "know" the man, but they have met, and close sources say that she was unnerved by him, especially to his blind worship of President Donald Trump.

Related Information

Nan Bracer made her first appearance in Issue #5 of "The Guardian Powers".

It is said that her appearance and personality are based off former prosecutor and controvercial media personality Nancy Grace.