Oscar Ortega

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Oscar Ortega is a character set in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO. He is a loyal employee of LexieTech.

Character History

Oscar Ortega grew up on Cap au Diable in the Rogue Isles. Like many native-born residents, Oscar had to learn to work around and with the various criminal elements in the city. But Oscar had his eyes on a personal goal. He wanted to be respected for what he could do, no matter where he went or who he worked for.

He attended the Rogue Isles University with a focus on technology and business management. Once he got his degree (which, unlike other "diploma mill" services there, was an actual degree), he worked for Aeon Corp as a technician. It wasn't long before he became a project manager and soon assistant director of operations for the Power-Transfer Service, which supplies the isles with power.

In 2013 he was offered a generous deal from Lexie Lothora herself to serve as operations manager for the main branch of LexieTech in Aeon City. He immediately jumped at the opportunity.

Related Information

Oscar was first seen in "Furia and the Guardians" #1.