Mindy Harrison

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Mindy Harrison
Girl Friday of the Guardians
Creator: BattlerockX/David 2
First Appearance: Furia and the Guardians #1
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: Melinda Jean Harrison
Known Aliases: "Mindy"
Species: human
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Operations Assistant
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Unnamed parents
Furia and the Guardians
Known Powers
Known Abilities
dual pistols
Badge GotD.png This character is a member of the Guardians of the Dawn.

Mindy Harrison is a support character in the world of the City of Heroes MMO.

Her official title is "Operations Assistant" for the Guardians of the Dawn superhero group, based underneath the giant life-sized statue of Talos on Talos Island. Although she "reports" to Ryder Lightning, who serves as Operations Manager for the group, she was actually hired by group patron Andrew Wentworth.

Character Information

Melinda Jean Harrison, aka “Mindy”, was born a child prodigy. She’s great with numbers, which is why she was initially recruited into the Freedom Corps for training while she was still a teenager. It was there that she came across Marvin Blacksmith, aka “Mighty Marv” (later changed to “Mighty Marvin”).

Marvin approached Mindy when she was still in her senior year of training. He claimed to have been given a superhero costume from “aliens” and that they told him to specifically seek her out so they can “unlock the suit’s power”. She goes along with it, and the two have a few adventures. But then they come across an actual super-villain. They end up having to be saved by Carlton Sage, a Vanguard operative investigating the “Super-Suit Scam” that “Mighty Marv” was a part of.

The incident cause Mindy to be dismissed from Freedom Corp. Bitter and on her own, she tried joining any group that would take her, but the incident hung around her neck, preventing her from joining groups like Hero Corps, Wyvern, and even several corporations.

Eventually she was offered a chance through the Knives of Artemis, an all-female mercenary group. She was given one assignment to prove her worth: kill Carlton Sage.

She was ready to carry out the kill when she was stopped by Simon Barrister. Barrister saw potential in her and convinced her to train to be something far more “dangerous”. He wanted her to be a Facilitator.

A few years later, Barrister died while in police custody in Europe. Mindy was approached by Barrister’s patron, Andrew Wentworth. Wentworth gave Mindy the chance to help “avenge” Barrister’s death by helping the Guardians of the Dawn.

Mindy is seen as a “go-to” girl for the Guardians, especially for Ryder Lightning, who now serves as the Operations Manager. Unlike Chef Dramsay, who is a hero and serves as the man in charge of the support staff, Mindy has no real “authority”, per se. She is simply there “to help”.

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Powers and Abilities

As a seemingly ordinary civilian, Mindy has no superhuman powers, although she had previously been given firearms training by Freedom Corps.

She specializes in Dual Pistols, preferring to use "pop pistols" of her own design. These are non-lethal weapons capable of injuring or incapacitating a person with the same range as normal firearms.

She also has formal training as a Facilitator, so she is skilled in intelligence gathering and networking.

In addition, she is a skilled cyber-hacker.


Mindy is bright and bubbly, which often hides the fact that she is also extremely intelligent. She has an IQ rating of 180.

Related Information

Mindy first appeared in "Furia and the Guardians" #1. Her full origin story was told in a two-part story starting with Issue #22.