Chef Dramsay

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Chef Dramsay
He's the one chef you don't want to disappoint.
Creator: David 2/BattlerockX
First Appearance: "Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION" #01
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: Elliot Dramsay
Known Aliases: '
Species: Human
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Occupation: Gourmet chef, registered hero
Place of Birth: England, UK
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: married
Known Relatives: Unnamed wife
Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION, Furia and the Guardians
Known Powers
dual sword melee
Known Abilities
cooking, administration
cooking knives
Badge GotD.png This character is a member of the Guardians of the Dawn.
Badge DawnPatrol.png This character is a member of the European group Dawn Patrol.

Chef Elliot Dramsay is both a gourmet chef and registered hero.

Character History

Who says that chefs can't be heroes? Elliot Dramsay certainly proves you can be both! And he's from England too!

Dramsay started out in the British Army right from school, learning to cook for hundreds of hungry soldiers that would just as soon cut you if your cooking was off. It was here that he not only mastered cooking, but he also had to learn how to use knives to defend himself.

After the Army, he applied his culinary skills at local restaurants in Wales. It was at his first job as head chef that he became a hero. A local gang decided to make a mess of the restaurant, and Elliot would have none of it. Taking his least-favorite knives (wouldn't want to mess the good stuff), he tossed out the gang members, leaving a few nicks as reminders. Thus he became the first hero-chef in England.

Dawn Patrol

Being a hero-chef gave him even more publicity, and also more notoriety. Soon low-level villains began showing up at his restaurant to "make their mark". This led to his introduction to Europe's premiere superhero team, the Dawn Patrol. The Dawn Patrol, recognizing opportunity when they see it, offer a membership to Dramsay.

Even though he doesn't see himself as a hero, he is convinced that the publicity of being a member of the Patrol would keep his restaurant from being a regular battleground. But it's not long before he also recognizes opportunity within the Dawn Patrol.

Dramsay applied himself to improving the Patrol's culinary choices within their Cardiff branch. Heroes on duty or "on call" would no longer be consuming fast food and vending machine snacks, but prepared meals that Dramsay would set up himself.

It wasn't long before other branches of the Patrol would know about Dramsay's fine dining choices and demanded the same kind of service. Dramsay was made the "head chef" for the whole supergroup, all over Europe.

It was clear that Dramsay found his niche within the group.

Cooking Author

Dramsay made the most of his new celebrity status as a hero-chef by coming up with a series of cooking books. This is more than just a collection of recipes, though. Dramsay's books shared insights about how to serve spectacular meals in ways that would please even the most cynical of people.

His first book was entitled "Cooking For Capes", followed by "Cooking With Capes". Both books were instant best-sellers.

The next three "Cooking With" books dealt with various methods of cooking, including the use of magic, super-science, and extra-dimensional ingredients. These books were not as popular, with some people complaining about using Shadow Shard fruits and liquids as being "unappetizing".

Dramsay also did cooking appearances on TV, but too much demand from the Dawn Patrol put a stop to any notion of a regular series.

Guardians of the Dawn

In 2013, Dramsay was approached by fellow Dawn Patrol member Lyon Powers, who also held a joint membership with the American superhero group Guardians of the Dawn. The Guardians were expanding their base of operations, thanks to financial support by new patron Andrew Wentworth, and they needed someone who could oversee the civilian support personnel that would be included with the expansion.

Realizing that the Guardians would be including a full kitchen with their expanded lounge area was the clincher for him. He requested and was approved for joint membership with both the Dawn Patrol and the Guardians, similar to the arrangement made with Lyon Powers.

It was a struggle for him at first, balancing support operations and cooking duties, but soon he had a kitchen staff that could hold their own and a support team that did not need to be constantly overseen.

In March of 2014, not long after the passing of Jimmy Hellfighter, Lyon Powers and her "adopted uncle", Icon Powers, left for Cardiff. This left a void in the group's position of "Operations Manager", which was also the public leadership for the group. While Dramsay rejected the offer to serve as the new Operations Manager, he was able to help the returning Libertarian Avenger come up with a suitable replacement... which he did in the form of Ryder Lightning.

Dramsay's current responsibility remain as coordinator for civilian support and head chef for the Guardian Lounge.

Powers and Abilities

Chef Dramsay's Primary power is Dual Blades. Chef Dramsay often carries around a set of knives with him, although the vast majority of them are designed for cooking. He does have two rather large knives that he does keep with him in case he needs to step into a fight.

His Secondary power is Willpower. He is strong-willed, and it shows.

In addition, he also has honed his natural senses to the point that he can tell if something is wrong in the kitchen. This includes sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. He says they are not "super-powers"; they're just normal senses that have been finely-honed through years of experience in the kitchen.

Chef has a natural but bull-headed leadership skill. This is successful for running a kitchen, but not necessarily for skill for leading a hero group. He's also known to use profanity at times.


Chef Dramsay is a tad arrogant and very assertive when it comes to the kitchen. He has no tolerance for fools and punks. But he's also realistic about his place in any group. He's not a premiere hero. He's just a cook who handles himself with knives. But he is not above giving help to those in charge if they need it... and if they ask for it.

Dramsay is happily married. His wife approves of his work, especially when he spends more time in the kitchen than on the streets.

Related Information

Chef Dramsay first appears in "Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION" #1.

According to author/creator David 2, the character is influenced heavily by real-life celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.