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A "Facilitator" is a specialized group in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO.

While not a "formal" organization, Facilitators are legendary for people that can "make things happen".


According to Simon Barrister, Facilitators got their beginnings as part of an elite league of assassins. They were the ones that made the arrangements and provide support for the actual assassins. At some point, the assassins themselves were wiped out, but the Facilitators remained and they began applying themselves to those in power.

Facilitators do not engage in action directly if they can help it. They are manipulators and coordinators. They can be skilled in combat and even have some combat experience, but they do not take action except when absolutely necessary.

The other thing they are best known for is their discretion. Facilitators make things happen behind-the-scenes. If they become too public, if they become to well-known, they are considered a threat. This goes back to their days as part of an assassins league. The assassins were too well-known, and thus became targets. But the Facilitators survived because they kept in the shadows. Facilitators have been known to kill themselves before being publicly revealed.

Connection to the Bilderburg Alliance

The Facilitators have long enjoyed an association with the Bilderburg Alliance going back to the 15th Century. The two groups share in their respect for power and in working behind-the-scenes. Facilitators have eagerly worked with members of the Alliance over the generations.

This is not a mutually-exclusive partnership, however. Facilitators have worked for anyone who has power, influence, and money, and can respect their demand of discretion. This includes freemasons and other secret organizations.

Known Facilitators

Related Information

According to David 2, the Facilitators are inspired by the Aspen Comics "Executive Assistant Iris" and "Executive Assistant Assasins" comic series.