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An Incarnate Being (or simply an "Incarnate") is an advanced state of being in the City of Heroes MMO.

For the few that can achieve this state, it is the closest to being a god. In fact, some even go so far as to characterize an incarnate being as a lesser god.

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Paths to Incarnate

There are many ways one can become an incarnate.

The first and most direct way is to drink from the Well of the Furies, a trans-dimensional substance that is said to give one god-like abilities. However, drinking from the well has been known to cause madness.

Statesman and Lord Recluse became incarnates this way, and the same applies to their respective multiverse alternates, including Emperor Cole and Reichsman.

Another way is through family. Ms. Liberty and her mother, the late Miss Liberty both became incarnates because of their family connection to Statesman. It is uncertain if the same holds true to Statesman's illegitimate son, John Cole, but in theory he should also have incarnate powers.

Another more indirect way is through natural progression. This allows a more gradual and controlled advancement, even though it takes a long time.

Noted Incarnates

Statesman (Deceased)

Lord Recluse

Ms. Liberty

Hero 1 (Deceased and zombified)




The Lady of the Lake

Galatea Future (not to be confused with Galatea Powers)

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