Well of the Furies

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The Well of the Furies is a multiverse force often associated in the City of Heroes MMO.

Most believe the Well to be simply a location or an object, as in a source of mystical water that can heal those that are sick or to empower those on a cause.

There are three physical connections in the Primal Universe for the Well.

  • The Fountain of Youth told about by Ponce de Leon. [1] It is said that the waters of this fountain would keep one young and healthy for as long as they drink it.
  • The Lady of the Lake, which gave King Arthur the mighty sword Excalibur. [2] This is the same sword that was wielded by Hero One, his son Hero 1, and is now being guarded by Ms. Liberty.
  • The wellspring told by Herodotus and Alexander the Great. Some have also called this the Fountain of Zeus.

It is believed that the latter is the wellspring that was discovered by Marcus Cole and Stefan Richter. When Marcus Cole was mortally injured during World War I, the two friends sought the Well to heal him. They had no idea that the waters would empower them both with the spirit of the Greek deities Zeus and Tartarus.

In most common realities, Cole would become Statesman, and Richter would become Lord Recluse. But this is not the same in all realities.

Related Information

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The Well was referenced in the Top Cow production of the first three issues of the "City of Heroes" comic series. It was later explained in "The Guardian Powers" that the Well itself is sentient and is a multiverse entity.