Darrin Wade

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Darrin Wade
Midnight Villain
Creator: Paragon Studios/NCSoft
First Appearance: '
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: '
Known Aliases: '
Species: Human (mystical)
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: '
Biographical Data
Nationality: '
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: '
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Known Abilities
NPC.png This entry is an In-Game Non-Player Character.

Darrin Wade is an in-game character in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO.

He is a former member of the Midnight Squad who sought to use the knowledge of the clandestine group for his own gain.

Character History

Once upon a time, Darrin Wade was a member of the secret group called the Midnight Squad. They dealt with threats that would be beyond the pale of normal heroes and villains. As a loyal member of the group, Darrin had access to spells and incantation as well as artifacts from other realities.

At some point, however, there was a falling out. It may be because of the loss of a friend, or because there was a difference of opinion, or because he saw something that the others could not. Whatever the reason, he quit the Squad.

But not without taking a few artifacts with him. Some artifacts he sold on the black market to make a name for himself. Others he kept as weapons, to be used in case his former Midnighters decide to track him down.

Established as a "merchant" in the Rogue Isles, Darrin set the stage for his new plan.

"Who Will Die?"

In the in-game storyline "Who Will Die", Darrin Wade's master plan was revealed. Through his various minions, he learned how to transfer power from one person to another.

Arranging for the death of Miss Liberty, the daughter of Statesman and mother of Ms. Liberty, Wade then sets his sights on Sister Psyche, unraveling her mind to prevent her from standing in the way of his plan. This forced a confrontation with Statesman himself. But the legendary hero discovered that this was also part of Wade's plan. Using the old incantations from Cimorea, he stripped Statesman of his incarnate ability and channeled them into himself. The spell then killed Statesman.

As the world reeled from this tragic death, Wade continued with his master plan by sending Sister Psyche into telepathic overload. With every mind in Paragon City ready to explode, Psyche's husband Manticore had no choice but to kill his wife.

With the pieces in place, with the power of both Statesman and Sister Psyche in his control, Wade summoned Rularuu the Ravager and merged with the deity, becoming a god himself. With both heroes and villains working together, they were able to stop Wade before his merge became complete. The world returned to normal. Life resumed a little sadder from all the loss.

And Darrin Wade became a "guest" of Lady Grey and the Vanguard.

Powers and Abilities

As a former member of the Midnight Squad, Darrin has access to numerous arcane spells, incantations, potions, and artifacts. Some he acquired, others he stole, but many more he got from others who stole for him.


Darrin Wade is someone who has a long-term plan and makes sure that nothing gets in his way.

Related Information

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Although yet to be seen in-comic, Darrin was referenced in "The Guardian Powers" as the reason why John Cole had to be removed from the Libra Order.