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KK-Comics: Home of the Evil Malibu Barbie Series

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KK Comics: Home of the Evil Malibu Barbie Series


In 2006, TechSpider decided to start making comics, when he discovered Comic Book Creator. He started with Master-Minding My Own Business, and continued on from there. Over 70 issues later, we have the re-launch in October 2011 of the All-New Improved, KK Comics.

Origin of our Flagship Character, Kinetic Kitten

Kinetic Kitten was originally conceived in 1986 with the Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game, using the Ultimate Powers Expansion book, She was created as a Hero that had been influenced in part by Catwoman. Her powers, in this incarnation, were to absorb Kinetic Energy and redirect it in Blasts and Auras. She was played for a few years in this gaming system, when in 1989, Kinetic Kitten, along with the characters NinjaMan, Gestalt, Terik The Destroyer, and Frost were published in a fan-made Comic Book (locally) called "The Adventure Force". This comic had 15 copies published, and was originally used as a college art project on Drawing Styles.


Confessions of A Teenage Blapper:

Meet Kinetic Kitten. An Energy/Energy Blaster who is known in her inner circle as the Suicidal Blaster. She is 1/2 blaster, 1/2 Scrapper, using her Melee powers almost as much as her Ranged. Hence the term "Blapper". Each issue of Kinetic's comic is single-based. Meaning that you don't need to read the others to follow the story. And each issue deals with a different back-story joke, the first issues are based off popular movies and quotes from those movies. Newer issues will be just dialogue and sometimes a few pop culture references thrown in.

Master-Minding My Own Business:

Master-Minding My Own Business stars TechSpider, and occasionally his wife, Mistress Arachnae. TechSpider and Mistress both control Robots to do their bidding. Hence the term Master-Mind. Each issue of Master-Minding My Own Business is a stand alone story line. And you will find 99% of them star TechSpider, but in the future we may see guest star stories from such Master-Minds as: Mistress Arachnae, Mafia Maiden, and Other Master-Minds from the Death Dealers SG.

Malibu Dreams/Nightmares:

Malibu Dreams/Nightmares follows the adventures of Evil Malibu Barbie, Evil Malibu Skipper, and Evil Malibu Teresa. This series follows all three girls in their own adventures and crossing stories as needed. We will also this series see story lines with Blue Knight Winds, introduced in Series One. And some stories with Barbie's Patron, Ghost Widow involved. This comics style is an triple-ongoing story line, and you do need to read past issues to keep up with what is going on.

RONA Live!:

LIVE! Broadcast from various places throughout Paragon City, and the Rogue Isles. It's RONA LIVE! Rona Cosell is a normal Anchor-Woman for PNN - Paragon News Network. She hosts a weekly talk-show, or when she sees fit actually. Each Episode she will have a guest from somewhere in the COH-COV Universe. Whether it be Hero or Villain, they will get the interview they deserve with Rona at the helm. Always accompanied by her off screen, and off color producer, Johnny, Rona will 'educate' us on what happens in the CoX universe periodically!

Rona Cosell's: Behind the Mask:

Paragon News Network brings you the newest in Hard Hitting Journalism! Rona Cosell's: Behind The Mask! Each episode Rona Cosell will search the Rogue Isle's and Paragon City to find and reveal the secrets behind the world's most celebrated heroes and feared villains.

Krushing on the Kitten:

Krusher Kitten, sister of Kinetic Kitten, Tank, Adventurer, Now in her own title. She will show the lighter and funnier side each issue of the City of Heroes world. This series is formatted as a stand-alone issue series, you do not need to read them all to know what the storyline is.

KK-Comics: Who's Who:

In the tradition of DC Comics Who's Who and The Official Guide to The Marvel Universe, comes KK Comics Who's Who. A Compilation of all characters appearing in KK Comics issues, and an extra thrown in, of various characters played by members of the Death Dealers Villaingroup and the Mortality Mongers Supergroup. They are presented in the first two issues in Alphabetical order. In future issues, they will be 'addendum' formats. You never know, we may add pages to the future issues for other players on Freedom Server!

Good 'Ole Days: (cancelled):

Russell Granless, Korean War Vet and lonely old man. Discovers a battle one day on his front lawn. Upon investigating this battle, he is whisked away to a fictional world where super-heroes and super-villains duke it out daily. Follow his adventures as he discovers the differences between this world and the real world he comes from. Formatted as an On-Going series.

Fire & Brimstone (cancelled):

Starring Marquis Epitath and Demonica Jasmine, this series delves into the relationship between the little sister of TechSpider and her best friend, A Demon from another dimension. Issues deal with Marquis trying hard to help Demonica return to her home dimension.


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