Good 'Ole Days

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Title of KK Comics
Good 'Ole Days
Author: TechSpider/Kinetic Kitten
Author Aliases: None
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: Action
Series Type: Cancelled
Date Premiered: 10/6/2008
Number of Issues: 4
Date of Last Issue: 3/30/2009
Average Issue Length: 10-15 pages
Main Cast
Pissed Off Gramps
Programs Used
City of Heroes, CBC, Comic Life, Photoshop CS2
No additional information available.

A comic series created by TechSpider/Kinetic Kitten featuring Russell Granless, AKA Pissed Off Gramps. Chronicalling the story of how he came from the real world into the game world of City of Heroes.

Russell Granless, Korean War Vet and lonely old man. Discovers a battle one day on his front lawn. Upon investigating this battle, he is whisked away to a fictional world where super-heroes and super-villains duke it out daily. Follow his adventures as he discovers the differences between this world and the real world he comes from. Formatted as an On-Going series.

Issue #1 : Origin of Pissed Off Gramps


Game Mechanic Encountered: Leveling Up (read)

Summary: Brought from the real world, Russell Granless starts his search to get back home!

Issue #2 : The Onset of Winter, Part 3


Game Mechanic Encountered: Death and Hospital (read)

Summary: Russell encounters Winter Minions for the first time!

Issue #3 : The Onset of Winter, Part 8


Game Mechanic Encountered: Pocket D (read)

Summary: Russell meets The Avatar of the Winter Lord, Evil J-Man

Issue #4 : Invasion of the KITTAHS, Part 5


Game Mechanic Encountered: Arena (read)

Summary: Russell meets Rona Cosell and gets Matched in Arena!

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