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Title of KK Comics
KK-Comics Who's Who
Author: TechSpider/Kinetic Kitten
Author Aliases: None
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: Guide
Series Type: Ongoing
Date Premiered: 3/30/2008
Number of Issues: 2
Date of Last Issue: 3/30/2008
Average Issue Length: 10-15 pages
Main Cast
Programs Used
City of Heroes, CBC, Comic Life, Photoshop CS2
No additional information available.

A comic series created by TechSpider/Kinetic Kitten listing the denizens of the KK-Comics Universe.

In the tradition of DC Comics Who's Who and The Official Guide to The Marvel Universe, comes KK Comics Who's Who. A Compilation of all characters appearing in KK Comics issues, and an extra thrown in, of various characters played by members of the Death Dealers Villaingroup and the Mortality Mongers Supergroup. They are presented in the first two issues in Alphabetical order. In future issues, they will be 'addendum' formats. You never know, we may add pages to the future issues for other players on Freedom Server!

Issue #1


Blastfire to Knight Winds(read)

Summary: Covering from Blastfire to Knight Winds, meet the cast and characters of KK Comics. Know all their history!

Issue #2


Krusher Kitten to Twilight Supremancy (read)

Summary: Covering Krusher Kitten to Twilight Supremancy, meet the cast and characters of KK Comics. Know all their history.

Stars and Links


KK-Comics Who's Who comic series