Fire & Brimstone

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Title of KK Comics
Fire & Brimstone
Author: TechSpider/Kinetic Kitten
Author Aliases: None
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: Action
Series Type: Cancelled
Date Premiered: 2/16/2008
Number of Issues: 3
Date of Last Issue: 3/5/2009
Average Issue Length: 10-15 pages
Main Cast
Marquis Epitath, Demonica Jasmine
Programs Used
City of Heroes, CBC, Comic Life, Photoshop CS2
No additional information available.

A comic series created by TechSpider/Kinetic Kitten featuring TechSpider's little sister, Marquis Epitath, and her demon friend, Demonica Jasmine.

This series followed the friendship of a Villain Brute and her demon best friend. Before it was cancelled, we were on a story line to bring them to the point of finding a way to get Demonica back to her home dimension.

Issue #0 : Origin Issue


Starring Demonic Jasmine & Marquis Epitath (read)

Summary: Searching for a way to harness power to get her home, Demonica Jasmine is joined by her best friend, Marquis Epitath, in Sharkhead Island.

Issue #1 : Finding the portal


Starring Demonic Jasmine & Marquis Epitath (read)

Summary: Demonica and Marquis face off against the dreaded Circle Of Thorns for the passageway to what Demonica believes to be a way home.

Issue #2 : Finding the way home


Starring Demonic Jasmine & Marquis Epitath (read)

Summary: Deposited in the Rikti War Zone, facing off against Council Soldiers, our girls find the source of the portal energies, ..... Vanguard!

Stars and Links

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Fire & Brimstone (Cancelled) comic series