We Heart Galatea Powers

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Screen image of website from "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" #25

"We Heart Galatea Powers" is an online celebrity/gossip website in the City of Heroes MMO designed to collect all information, no matter how insignificant, of Galatea Powers.

The website is just one of hundreds of similar sites dedicated to hero worship about the busty member of the Guardians of the Dawn, although much of the information on this website is monitored and controlled by fellow member Arktic Chill at the behest of Galatea.

When Galatea was informed about the number of fan-related sits and the fan-stalkers following her around, especially near her apartment at the time, she turned to her teammate for help. Chill told Galatea that he was aware of the growing fandom about her and that, if unchecked, they could find out things about her life she would rather not be made open, such as her civilian identity. Rather than to fight the fandom being generated about her, Chill suggested that they moderate that fandom through the most popular of these websites. To that end, Chill was given administrative access using an alias, claiming to have "inside information" about Galatea. This was a secret known only to Captain Paragonna, who was not happy about the tactic, but still gave her grudging approval.

Related Information

The website played a key role in documenting the changes in Galatea Powers during the "Galatea Dawning" storyline. Screenshots of the website would also appear at the official website to the comic series to promote the storyline, playing up on the real-world fan support for Galatea.