Thermo-Sensitive Disorder

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Thermo-Sensitive Disorder is a physiological condition in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO that affects those with elemental abilities such as heat or cold.

There are two different stages to this disorder.

The first stage is behavioral. The subject has a psychological draw towards conditions that favor their ability and an aversion to those that oppose that same ability. For instance, someone with the power over ice and cold would suddenly like and crave anything cold, like ice cream, ice water, cold or refrigerated food, and they would suddenly not want anything either hot or spicy to eat or drink. They could also prefer colors that match their powers, so in this case, the subject would prefer blues over reds.

The second and more definitive is physical. Their body would literally become adaptive to either warmer or colder environments. So in the case of the ice or cold manipulator, their body temperature would start to decrease so they would not be able to tolerate even "normal" temperatures. As the condition progresses, the subject would literally develop signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke until they are placed in a refrigerated environment.

Extreme conditions of TSD would require that individuals be placed in special environmental suits in order to live. This can range from simple regulatory bodysuits to full suits with temperature-controlled equipment.

Related Information

The condition was explained in detail in "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" #6

Arktic Chill suffers from thermo-sensitive disorder.