Victoria Crownstone

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Victoria Crownstone
Host of Good Morning Millennium City
Creator: Cryptic Studios
First Appearance: Future's Guardian #7
Game: Champions Online
Personal Data
Real Name: Victoria Crownstone
Known Aliases: Vicky
Species: human
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Journalist
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: '
Future's Guardian
Known Powers
power of ambition
Known Abilities
journalistic integrity
the media
Badge ChampionsHero.png This character is a neutral or "other" character in the world of Champions Online.
NPC.png This entry is an In-Game Non-Player Character.

Victoria Crownstone is a seasoned reporter and media personality for WCOC in the world of Champions Online.

Character History

Almost from the day she was born, Victoria wanted to be a TV Anchor.

She started young, doing pretend stories with her tape recorder. Book reports for school became "exclusive reports" complete with visuals and quotes. She didn't just read the morning announcements, she "presented" them.

Victoria studied both English and Journalism in college. She was the first to insist on a campus TV studio and interned at the local TV studio, but spent her time fixated on the local anchor. At first people thought she had an obsessive fixation on the local anchor until they realized that she was only obsessed on his career.

Eventually Victoria managed to become an on-the-scene reporter, covering hard stories and heroic rescues. But she also bided her time and got to know the "right people". She learned all the off-camera tricks and tactics on how to get her way.

When WCOC announced they were looking for a weekend anchor, Victoria took the first flight to Millennium City and presented herself as the first, last, and only candidate for the position. She got the position and almost immediately brought misery to the weekend staff, which was used to doing fluff pieces and the occasional crisis.

It was clear that Victoria wanted something bigger, but she couldn't get what she wanted because that job was filled by none other than Rob Mahogany. So WCOC executives gave her the next best thing: her own morning show.

As host of "Good Morning Millennium City", Victoria was able to turn the show into an all-purpose news-and-interview program which included local artists, heroes, local politicians, and even Hollywood celebrities (thanks in part to local pop singer and hero Sapphire). As a result, not only is it the highest-rated morning program for the Great Lakes area, but Victoria has also won several daytime broadcasting awards and was even nominated for several Emmys.

But of course the "big prize" still eludes her... because "that job" is still filled by none other than Rob Mahogany.

Powers and Abilities

Victoria has no powers other than her ambitions.


Victoria is driven to be a consummate journalist. Everything she does is about "the story" or her career. She has sacrificed everything for her goal of becoming a network anchor, including motherhood. This could lead to some rash or impulsive choices down the road for her, but for now everything is dedicated to her ultimate goal.

She has found herself falling for John Battle, but he clearly has his eyes on someone else, and she's put everything else aside for her "dream job".

Related Information

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Victoria first appears in "Future's Guardian" #7 interviewing Athena Rose Fairmore.