Helios Towers

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Helios Towers

Helios Towers is a condominium on Talos Island.

It is one of the oldest Hero-Friendly condominiums specifically constructed in Paragon City, with special accommodations made for heroes to live normal lives while protecting their personal identities.

Constructed as part of the original series of buildings when Talos Island was first created, the developers intended the facility to include every possible amenity for heroes, including hidden closets, concealed radio communications, a separate phone jack for "hotline" calls, and even a special "No Questions Asked" dry-cleaning service.

But their pride-and-joy was their unique "Heaven-and-Hell Exit System". Using pneumatic tubes, heroes can chose to either exit through a random ground-floor exit near the building, or through the middle of the over-sized sundial emblem at the top of the building, either option giving the heroes the opportunity to exit the building without letting others know where they live.

An additional feature added after the Rikti Invasion of 2002 was the inclusion of "Battle Shades", reinforced metal shades that allow you to view out while also minimizing damage from exterior attacks.

Related Information

As seen in "The Guardian Powers", Galatea Powers and Lyon Powers share an apartment there in their respective civilian guises. Galatea lived there as part of her new guise as Faith Karl, and Katie Lea Powers moved in after the destruction of Galaxy City.

In "Furia and the Guaridans" #6, Furia Powers was given Lyon's room after she developed her own civilian identity as Fiona Poderes.