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The Supergroup Oversight Committee is a governing oversight group in the City of Heroes MMO designed to "review" superhero organizations in Paragon City. Since superhero groups are registered and thus regulated by the city, it is up to the committee to make sure this is done correctly.

The group was initially founded in 1999, when criminal organizations began creating "hero groups" to disguise their activities. It was around this time that Hero Corps tried and failed to secure a facility in Paragon City. An investigation of the facility's destruction led to the discovery of one such "fake" groups. Afterward, the committee was created.


The committee is comprised of five representatives from each part of Paragon City.

Administration - This initially was a representative from City Hall, but after hero oversight fell to Vanguard following the first Rikti Invasion, this became the role of the Vanguard Leader. The Lady Grey has held this position since then. This position also serves as the chairperson for the committee.

Hero - A representative of the superhero community is essential. Traditionally this role has been steadfastly represented by Statesman, since the Freedom Phalanx was considered the premiere superhero organization. However, following his death in 2012, the position has been passed to Positron. There has been some question as to whether or not he should remain in that position since the Freedom Phalanx's standing as the "premiere hero group" has fallen into question in recent years.

Judicial - The District Attorney for Paragon City has always represented the judicial side of this committee. However, during a lengthy absence where the city went without a District Attorney, the job fell to the Deputy District Attorneys. Edward Vance eagerly took this position during that time. Once a district attorney was selected, though, it has been Alex Wentworth's position.

Law Enforcement - The Paragon City Police Chief always represented the law enforcement side of the city.

Community - The last position, and sometimes most important, is the one representing the business and civilian groups in the city.


The committee's job is to oversee hero groups and determine if they are operating in the "best needs" of the organization as well as the city. Where those "best needs" are not met, it is the committee's job to suggest, recommend, or require changes be made to that group.

Related Information

The committee was first seen in action in "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" #14.