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The Council is a paramilitary group in the City of Heroes MMO.

The Council have their beginnings with a World War II super-powered group known as the 5th Column. During the war, they served as the Axis enforcers. After the war, they sought revenge and to ressurect the World Reich. At some point after the Rikti War a schizm developed among the leadership over how to carry out that dream.

In January of 2005, a civil war broke out in the streets of Paragon City as the 5th Column and Council members fought openly, with the Council being victorious.

The Council get their financial support through the development of anti-Kheldian technology, which is then used to go after Peacebringers and Warshades. With the help and leadership of Requiem, the Council also created their special Nictus-powered Quantum forces.

The Council were beaten back, however, in 2009 with the return of the 5th Column. Since then, the Council has once again been in open hostility with the 5th Column, with 5th Column members actively attacking Column gatherings in Steel Canyon. This often makes it difficult to question Council members, since the 5th Column soldiers attack in large numbers and often leave no survivors.

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