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The Seers are the literal eyes and ears and telepathic probes of Praetor Tilman in the Praetorian Universe in the City of Heroes MMO.

Seers are all women with telepathic abilities that become linked to Tilman's mind, thus allowing her to see everything they see and sense everything they sense.

Seers probe the minds of all people they encounter, looking for thoughts deemed "dangerous". Those whose thoughts are considered "dangerous" can either be placed in protective custody, or they can be subject to "audting" on-the-spot. Neither option is pleasant for the suspect.

Seers are recruited at a very early age, often at childhood when their psionic powers first manifest. They are stripped of any sense of individual self and given numbers for identification. Although some latent personality often manifests itself, their conditioning and link to "Mother" keeps those "fringe elements" under control.

Unfortunately, in the effort to "perfect" the process of creating Seers, some radical mutations occured. Most of those mutated Seers are expelled and sent to First Ward to fend for themselves.

In addition to their formidable psychic powers, Seers can also summon members of the Praetorian Police Department to assist them. The PrPD have several "rapid response" officers that can teleport in directly at a moment's notice.

Related Information

Badge GoingRogue.png This character is from the Praetorian Universe.

(Please see their Paragon Wiki entry for more information.)

Seers are seen briefly in Issue #2 of "Tales From Paragon City".

They are also referenced and seen in Issues #13 and 14 of "The Guardian Powers".