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A "Psychic Audit", also known simply as an "audit", is a polite reference to the process of the intrusive and often painful telepathic scan of one's mind.

Seers working for Mother Mayhem in the Praetorian Universe often describe their actions as an "audit" of one's mind for what are deemed to be "dangerous thoughts".

Levels of Audit


Often a Seer will detect an anomalous thought nearby. This may or may not warrant further investigation. The actual list of "dangerous thoughts" is a state secret, but usually any thought of violence, rebellion, insurrection, or memories of pre-Praetorian life (including thoughts of First Ward) would alert the seers.

Since the Seers are the eyes, ears, and minds of Mother Mayhem, the determination is often made remotely for further assessment.

Due to the nature of their work, members of the Powers Division are often immune from accountability at this level. A lone Seer may feel the need to summon assistance through the Praetorian Police Department, but otherwise they will simply assess a merit fine for the service.


If the decision is made for intervention, the subject can either be transported to the Behavioral Adjustment Facility located just north of Imperial City, or they can be given an on-the-spot audit involving three or four Seers working in unison. On-the-spot interventions, although painful, are considered better for the citizen since very few people have actually returned from the BAF.

On-the-spot auditing involve in-depth probing of every memory of the subject for "dangerous thoughts" or experiences. The first Seer will open the memories, forcing people to mentally relive whatever traumas they endured in the process. The second Seer will then flag the thoughts or experiences deemed "dangerous". The third Seer will then remove such thoughts or experiences. (If there are additional Seers, then they would serve to validate the auditing process.) The subject is then released and a merit fine will be assessed.

Related Information

The Seers and their auditing process were mentioned in "Tales from Paragon City" #2 and "The Guardian Powers" #12.